Saturday, 31 December 2016

Yuma Aile Oyunlari - Goool

Yuma Aile Oyunlari
54 cards

Ali Murat Atay has sent in some scans from a football card game issued in Turkey....
It comes with a football field (or the game board), a number of cards, and a little plastic ball. The cards tell you how many squares you can move the ball and in what way. There are goalkeeper, foul, corner kick and penalty cards to use when necessary, and the normal ball movement cards.
In short each side gets 7 cards initially and one starts by using one of movement cards. Obviously you try to move the ball towards the other player's goal. If you have a goal keeper card you can save the goal and restart game with a field kick. You can also save by using corner kick card but with certain conditions. If you have a foul card you have the right to use another card after that etc. If you have a penalty card and if you enter the penalty area you can use that card for a penalty kick (But then the other player might have a goal keeper card..). After both play one (or more cards) players get replacement cards so you always have 7 cards to play a new phase.
Whats interesting is you have to watch how its going, for example  if you see you have 7 not so good cards and keep getting weak cards you might aim for a 0-0 game, etc.. Also its important to keep certain cards for later use. In these ways its quite realistic.
Whats nice is there is no dice and its more or less a decision game, maybe like in real football. I only came across this by chance and I think I bought a modern edition  for my son and I played with him, so i noticed . This is the original game from the late 80's early 90's.
The game usually ends 0-0, 1-0 , 2-0, 2-1 etc. In the newer editions they increased the number of penalty cards and decreased the goal keeper cards for a higher scoring game. They also had a very good idea, in newer editions they have included 2 yellow cards and 1 red card. Yellow cards give you the right to use 2 cards in a row and a red card makes the other player continue with 6 cards in stock instead of 7.
The cards are:

5 goalkeepers
5 fouls
4 corner kicks
1 penalty 
39 movement cards


  1. Hi Alan, i m Cem Aksakal. I m so interested this game. I am looking aroynd this game about many years and ı want to buy it how can you help me ı m waiting your answer it s very important for me my e mail adress is

    1. Hi Cem,

      I'm sorry, I can't help you. Perhaps someone else can.

      Good luck,


    2. is it possible to get scans for pnp? thanks

    3. Sorry, I cannot help you, I don't have them.

  2. Which company was producting this game?

    1. Yuma games
      One and only boardgame in 80's in Turkey


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