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Fleetway Publications / Tiger - (FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger (1958-59)

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger
Fleetway Publications / Tiger
14 cards

I only have two publication dates, thanks to Bob Thomas' help.
UPDATE (08-11-2017 11:39):  Issue numbers and issue dates added for the remaining sheets and the order in which they have been listed has been amended to put them in chronological order. Thanks to Terry Kramer for providing this missing information.

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Birmingham City F.C.

K. Green, B. Farmer, R. Neal, J. Schofield, K. Fish (Trainer), T. Smith, G. Merrick, B. Houghton (now Southend United), B. Allen, J. Watts, W. Adams (Secretary), H. Hooper, E. Brown, B. Orritt, P. Murphy, J. Hall, G. Astall, W. Hume, P. Beasley (Manager), J. Sissons, D. Jones, B. Larkin, A. Jackson, J. McLaughlin, B. Taylor

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Bolton Wanderers F.C.

R. Gubbing, R. Hartle, D. Hennin, E. Hopkinson, J. Higgins, B. Edwards, T. Banks, R. Birch, D. Stevens, N. Lofthouse, R. Parry, D. Holden

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Bristol Rovers F.C.

N. Sykes, P. Sampson, D. Pyle, H. Radford, J. Watling, B. Doyle, G. Petherbridge, A. Biggs, G. Bradford, D. Ward, P. Hooper

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Burnley F.C.

B. Miller, T. Cummings, D. Winton, C. McDonald, R. Smith, J. Robson, D. Smith, L. Shannon, D. Newlands, A. Shackleton (now Leeds United), J. Adamson, R. Pointer, J. McIlroy, B. Pilkington

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Chelsea F.C.

P. Sillett, M. Scott, R. Matthews, J. Mortimore, D. Saunders, J. Sillett, P. Brabrook, J. Greaves, R. Tindall, T. Nicholas, M. Block

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Everton F.C.

J. Tansey, A. Sanders, A. Dunlop, K. Rea, M. Meagan, H. Wright (Trainer), B. Griffiths, J. Harris, P. Harrison, T. Jones, W. Fielding, E. O'Hara, E. Thomas, R. Collins, D. Hickson

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Leicester City F.C.

J. Newman, L. Chalmers, W. Gardiner, D. McLaren, J. Anderson, I. King, K. Keyworth, J. Baillie, L. Dowdells (Trainer), I. McFarlane, D. Walker, W. Cunningham, B. Kelly, G. Wills, Mr. D. Halliday (Former Manager), J. Walsh, T. McDonald, J. McNeill, D. Hines, L. Leek

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Manchester City F.C.

J. McTavish, C. Sear, B. Trautmann, K. Barnes, D. Ewing, W. Leivers, C. Barlow, J. Hayes, R. Johnstone, W. McAdams, R. Sambrook, G. Hannah

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Motherwell F.C.

W. McSeveney, P. Horton, I. McFadyen, I. Gardiner, S. Brown, W. Cowie, J. Martis, J. Forrest, C. Aitken, A. Weir, R. McCann, J. Capmbell, A. Shaw, H. Weir, A. Stenhouse, R. McCallum, J. McPhee, I. St. John, S. Reid, P. Quinn, W. Hunter, W. Reid, G. Baker, W. Rea, R. Newman, A. Kerr

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Nottingham Forest F.C.

J. Barrett, R. McKinley, G. Thomas, J. Hutchinson, C. Thomson, W. Whare, P. Watson, R. Morrison, J. McDonald, T. Graham (Trainer), R. Dwight, W. Gray, J. Burkitt, E. Baily, J. Quigley, Mr. W. Walker (Manager), R. Farmer, J. Whitfoot, T. Wilson, W. Morley, S. Imlach

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Portsmouth F.C.

P. Gunter, J. Phillips, N. prichard, B. Hayward, J. Dickinson, T. Casey, P. Harris, J. Gordon (now Birmingham City), R. Saunders, D. Harris, R. Newman

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Sheffield United F.C.

Mr. J. Mercer (Manager), A. Hodgkinson, D. Thompson, H. Latham (Trainer), G. Shaw, J. Shaw, B. Richardson, C. Mason, G. Summers, R. Ridge, D. Gratton, A. Ringstead, W. Russell, D. Pace, C. Coldwell, R. Simpson, K. Lewis, T. Hoyland

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - West Ham United F.C.

Syd King, Henderson, Bishop, Kay, Hufton, Young, Tresadern, Charlie Paynter, Richards, Brown, Watson, Moore, Ruffell

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

G. Showell, E. Clamp, G. Harris, J. Gardiner (Trainer), M. Finlayson, J. Murray, W. Slater, R. Flowers, E. Stuart, R. Mason, N. Deeley, W. Wright, Mr. S. Cullis (Manager), P. Broadbent, C. Booth, J. Mullen, J. Henderson (now Arsenal)

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 1 - Issue no. 229, dated 24 January, 1959

Motherwell F.C.
West Ham United F.C.
Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.
Bolton Wanderers F.C.

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 2 - Issue no. 230, dated 31 January, 1959

Leicester City F.C.
Burnley F.C.

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 3 - Issue no. 231, dated 7 February, 1959

Nottingham Forest F.C.
Portsmouth F.C.

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 4 - Issue no. 232, dated 14 February, 1959

Birmingham City F.C.
Chelsea F.C.

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 5 - Issue no. 233, dated 21 February, 1959

Everton F.C.
Sheffield United F.C.

(FLE-170-2/ZJ9-3-1-2) Football Teams - Tiger - sheet 6 - Issue no. 234, dated 28 February, 1959

Manchester City F.C.
Bristol Rovers F.C.


  1. Nottingham Forest / Portsmouth not Plymouth Tiger
    Plymouth is paired with Blackpool Lion

    1. Thanks, I've got Portsmouth in the main list. I've updated the pairing.

  2. This comic was still being produced by Amalgamated Press, so Fleetway Publications came after these.

    1. That's a good point, it's something I became aware of recently and I have been meaning to sort it out but just haven't got around to it yet.


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