Sunday 6 November 2016

Tacoma Stars - Tacoma Stars (1983-84) - Coke (Programme Inserts)

Tacoma Stars
Tacoma Stars
21 cards

I originally included images from the set of Pierce County Credit Unions cards issued in 1983-84. This checklist actually refers to the programme inserts sponsored by Coke, and was originally published in issue number 21 of The Soccer Collector. Unfortunately, I don't have any images to show.

2.  Ray Evans

3.  Jim Sinclair
4.  Gary Heale
5.  Neil Megson
6.  Mark Peterson
7.  Stewart Jump
10.  Charlie Carey
11.  Paul Roe
12.  Ralph Black
13.  Tony Churskey
14.  Dale Mitchell
15.  Mike Enneking
16.  Tony Towers
17.  Geoff Wall
18.  Flemming Pehrson
19.  Frank Barton
20.  Jimmy McAlister
21.  Chris Hellenkamp
23.  Danko Grgic
24.  John Baretta
26.  Matty Miller


  1. These cards are numbered 1-19. Only 19 were issued.

    1. Hi,

      I think I messed up a little. I have the 19 card Pierce County Credit Unions set on my blog. The 21 cards listed here are ones sponsored by Coke and were programme inserts. I believe the list is correct but I erroneously added images of the Pierce County Credit Unions cards.

      I need to track down images of those programme inserts....


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