Saturday, 12 November 2016

Perfetti Gum - International Stars (04)

International Stars
Perfetti Gum
20 Footballers

Øivind has very kindly provided a checklist for this collection. Please note the spelling on the Beckenbauer card.
UPDATE (07-04-2019 19:11):  This post was originally published as a Monty Gum issue but Carl Wilkes has confirmed that this collection of 100 International Stars (20 footballers, 12 stars of other sports and 68 film stars) was only issued by Perfetti Gum in Italy in 1967. Even though it looks like a Monty Gum set it was never issued by Monty Gum. I have now amended this post to reflect this new information. You can find the full Perfetti Gum checklist here - Perfetti Gum - International Stars (05).

Albert (Florian)
Altafini (Jose)
Asparuhov (Georgi)
Bekenbauer (sic) (Franz)
B. Charlton (Bobby)
Chislenko (Igor)
Combin (Nestor)
Corbo (Walter)
Greaves (Jimmy)
Haller (Helmut)
Law (Denis)
Mazzola (Sandro)
Moore (Bobby)
Rivera (Gianni)
Schnellinger (Karl-Heinz)
Suárez (Luis)
Van Himst (Paul)

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