Sunday, 6 November 2016

Multi-Editôra (Brazil) - Palmeiras

34 cards

A collection made up of 22 photos and 12 caricatures.
UPDATE (23-10-2022 17:42):  Year of issue amended from 1993 to 1994, see the comment from Josh Cameron below.

C01.  Sergio

C02.  Claudio
C03.  Antonio Carlos
C04.  Cleber
C05.  Cesar Sampaio
C06.  Roberto Carlos
C07.  Edmundo
C08.  Mazinho
C09.  Evair
C10.  Edilson
C11.  Zinho
C12.  Fernandez
C13.  Tonhão
C14.  Amaral
C15.  Jean Carlo
C16.  Flavio Conceição
C17.  Maurilio
C18.  Sorato
C19.  Gil Baiano
C20.  Rincón
C21.  Alexandre Rosa
C22.  Ricardo
C23.  Sergio
C24.  Claudio
C25.  Antonio Carlos
C26.  Cleber
C27.  Cesar Sampaio
C28.  Roberto Carlos
C29.  Edmundo
C30.  Mazinho
C31.  Evair
C32.  Edilson
C33.  Zinho
C34.  Rincon


  1. Hello Alan, I hope you are well, or better at least. I came across this and noted the date (1993), which is incorrect - it was released in 1994. Take a look at the photo you have posted for the listing - on the back it lists the 1993 stats/awards and in small print, actually says 1994 at the bottom right corner. Further, I own a copy of the 1993 Multi-Editora Palmeiras album and would happy to share if you send me an email ( I've been trying to get PSA to correct the dating on this set as well, as it appears they have used your site as validation.


    1. Hi Josh,

      Thanks for your comment, it's always a pleasure to hear from you. I will update the year of issue straight away, thanks for your help. I would certainly be interested in adding the real 1993 album, I'll send you an e-mail.

      Thanks again for your help, take care and stay safe,



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