Thursday, 10 November 2016

Panini - The Beano's Guide to Just About Everything!


The Beano's Guide to Just About Everything!
216 stickers (5 football)

I don't have any photos of the stickers to show you but I think the football-related ones are all cartoons, like all the other stickers in the collection.

1-7.  Welcome

8-19.  Gnashers Creature Feature
20-33.  Ivy the Terrible's Potty Plants
34-57.  Around the World with Billy Whizz
58-64.  Minnie's Guide to Firsts and Lasts
65-70.  Dennis's Wild Facts
71-84.  Beano's World Beaters
          81.  Nicolai Kutsenko - Football Juggler
85-97.  Freddy Fear's Frights and Phobias
98-113.  Unfair Funfair
99.  Unfair Funfair
114-127.  Ball Boy's Wonderful World of Sport
          116.  1314, Football banned in London
          117.  Brazil - 5 times World Cup winners
          118.  Arbroath 36 Bon Accord 0
          119.  Bill Foulkes (England)
128-141.  Jak's Defiance of Science
142-148.  Minnie Guide to Legendary Ladies
149-154.  Dennis's Wild Facts
155-168.  Numskull's Guide to How we Work
169-182.  Space Cadet Smiffy's Guide to Universe
183-195.  Plug's Hysterical History
196-209.  Roger's Read All About It
210-216.  Desperate Dan's Feud for Thought

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