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Promatch - Footballers - Series 2 (1997)

Footballers - Series 2
90 base cards

This collection updated the original 1996 set with new players, transfers and the newly promoted clubs. Card numbers 276 and 294 to 300 were never issued.

201.  Gordon Watson (Southampton)
202.  Danny Williamson (West Ham United)
203.  Slaven Bilic (West Ham United)
204.  llie Dumitrescu (West Ham United)
205.  Gianluca Vialli (Chelsea)
206.  Michael Gray (Sunderland)
207.  Kevin Ball (Sunderland)
208.  Richard Hall (West Ham United)
209.  Paulo Futre (West Ham United)
210.  Nikola Jerkan (Nottingham Forest)
211.  Marc Hottiger (Everton)
212.  Franck LeBosuf (Chelsea)
213.  Fabrizio Ravanelli (Middlesbrough)
214.  Gary Speed (Everton)
215.  Florln Raducioiu (West Ham United)
216.  Robin van der Laan (Derby County)
217.  Paul Simpson (Derby County)
218.  Darryl Powell (Derby County)
219.  Chris Powell (Derby County)
220.  Marco Gabbiadini (Derby County)
221.  Sean Flynn (Derby County)
222.  Darren Wassall (Derby County)
223.  Steve Walsh (Leicester City)
224.  Julian Watts (Leicester City)
225.  Simon Grayson (Leicester City)
226.  Garry Parker (Leicester City)
227.  Roberto Di Matteo (Chelsea)
228.  lan Rush (Leeds United)
229.  Matthew Clarke (Sheffield Wednesday)
230.  Andy Booth (Sheffield Wednesday)
231.  Dean Saunders (Nottingham Forest)
232.  Lee Bowyer (Leeds United)
233.  Aliosa Asanovic (Derby County)
234.  Mark Bowen (West Ham United)
235.  Steve Howey (SunderIand)
236.  Jason Wilcox (Blackburn Rovers)
237.  Eion Jess (Coventry City)
238.  Branco (Middlesbrough)
239.  David Batty (Newcastle United)
240.  Igor Stimac (Derby County)
241.  Dean Sturrldge (Derby County)
242.  Phil Neville (Manchester United)
243.  Karel Poborsky (Manchester United)
244.  Gary McAllister (Coventry City)
245.  Noel Whelan (Coventry City)
246.  Emerson (Middlesbrough)
247.  Neil Lennon (Leicester City)
248.  Ben Thatcher (Wimbledon)
249.  Mark Kennedy (Liverpool)
250.  Steve Watson (Newcastle United)
251.  Jordi Cryuff (Manchester United)
252.  Faustino Asprilla (Newcastle United)
253.  Alan Shearer (Newcastle United)
254.  Georgios Donis (Blackburn Rovers)
255.  Mike Duberry (Chelsea)
256.  Nigel Martyn (Leeds United)
257.  Jason Dodd (Southampton)
258.  John Goodman (Wimbledon)
259.  Steve Jones (West Ham United)
260.  Rio Ferdinand (West Ham United)
261.  Patrick Berger (Liverpool)
262.  Regi Blinker (Sheffield Wednesday)
263.  Darlusz Kubicki (Sunderland)
264.  Christian Dailly (Derby County)
265.  Michael O'Neill (Coventry City)
266.  Graham Potter (Southampton)
267.  David Lee (Chelsea)
268.  Lee Sharpe (Leeds United)
269.  Ronny Johnsen (Manchester United)
270.  Fernando Nelson (Aston Villa)
271.  Steve Claridge (Leicester City)
272.  Tony Coton (Sunderland)
273.  Andy Myers (Chelsea)
274.  Michael Hughes (West Ham United)
275.  Martin Keown (Arsenal)
276.  not issued
277.  Alex Rae (Sunderland)
278.  Muzzie Izzet (Leicester City)
279.  Jason Euell (Wimbledon)
280.  Andy Pearce (Wimbledon)
281.  Sasa Curcic (Aston Villa)
282.  Nick Barmby (Everton)
283.  Allan Neilson (Tottenham Hotspur)
284.  Kasey Keller (Leicester City)
285.  Paul Stewart (SunderIand)
286.  Naill Quinn (Sunderland)
287.  David May (Manchester United)
288.  Gary Croft (Blackburn Rovers)
289.  Billy McKinlay (Blackburn Rovers)
290.  Hugo Porfirio (West Ham United)
291.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United)

Footballers - Series 2 - Bonus cards
2 cards

292.  Patrick Vieira (Arsenal)
293.  Gianfranco Zola (Chelsea)

Footballers - Series 2 – Managers
20 cards

301.  Alex Ferguson (Manchester United)
302.  Kevin Keegan (Newcastle United)
303.  Harry Redknapp (West Ham United)
304.  Ron Atkinson (Coventry City)
305.  Frank Clark (Nottingham Forest)
306.  Ruud Gullit (Chelsea)
307.  Gerry Francis (Tottenham Hotspur)
308.  Jim Smith (Derby County)
309.  Roy Evans (Liverpool)
310.  Joe Royle (Everton)
311.  Graeme Souness (Southampton)
312.  Peter Reid (Sunderland)
313.  Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)
314.  Brian Little (Aston Vlila)
315.  Bryan Robson (Middlesborough)
316.  Joe Kinnear (Wimbledon)
317.  David Pleat (Sheffield Wednesday)
318.  Martin O'Neill (Leicester City)
319.  Ray Harford (Blackburn Rovers)
320.  George Graham (Leeds United)

Footballers - Series 2 – Managers - Bonus card
1 card

321.  Glenn Hoddle (England)

Footballers - European subset – Embossed
40 cards

EURO26.  Ronald De Boer (Holland)
EURO27.  Frank De Boer (Holland)
EURO28.  Luis Enrique (Spain)
EURO29.  Kubilay Turkyilmaz (Switzerland)
EURO30.  Paulo Sousa (Portugal)
EURO31.  Christian Karambeau (France)
EURO32.  Mathaia Sammor (Germany)
EURO33.  Yordan Letchkov (Bulgaria)
EURO34.  Tommy Boyd (Scotland)
EURO35.  Jordi Cryuff (Holland)
EURO36.  Teddy Sheringham (England)
EURO37.  Gary Neville (England)
EURO38.  Alan Shearer (England)
EURO39.  David Platt (England)
EURO40.  Robbie Fowler (England)
EURO41.  Darren Anderton (England)
EURO42.  Stuart Pearce (England)
EURO43.  Steve Stone (England)
EURO44.  Paul Gascoigne (England)
EURO45.  David Seaman (England)
EURO46.  Steve McManaman (England)
EURO47.  Thomas Hassler (Germany)
EURO48.  Patrick Berger (Czech Republic)
EURO49.  Rui Costa (Portugal)
EURO50.  Brian Laudrup (Denmark)
EURO51.  Tim Flowers (England)
EURO52.  Gareth Southgate (England)
EURO53.  Phil Neville (England)
EURO54.  Sol Campbell (England)
EURO55.  Leo Ferdinand (England)
EURO56.  lan Walker (England)
EURO57.  Nicky Barmby (England)
EURO58.  Stevo Howey (England)
EURO59.  Jamie Redknapp (England)
EURO60.  Patrick Kluivert (Holland)
EURO61.  Paulo Maldini (Italy)
EURO62.  Mikkel Beck (Denmark)
EURO63.  Didier Deschamps (France)
EURO64.  Jose Pinto (Portugal)
EURO65.  Pierluigi Casaraghl (Italy)

Footballers - Series 2 - Advert card(printed in red)
1 card

Alex Ferguson (Manchester United)
Fabrizio Ravanelli (Middlesbrough)
Gianluca Vialli (Chelsea)
Darren Anderton (Tottenham Hotspur)
Alan Shearer (Newcastle United)

Footballers - Series 2 – packet

Alex Ferguson (Manchester United)
Fabrizio Ravanelli (Middlesbrough)
Gianluca Vialli (Chelsea)
Darren Anderton (Tottenham Hotspur)
Alan Shearer (Newcastle United)

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