Tuesday 18 October 2016

Panini - Euro 84 (02) - Fromages Géramont

Euro 84
Panini / Fromages Géramont
24 stickers

Géramont produced cheese products, these stickers are unnumbered and are listed here by the players surname. Thanks to Peter Frame for the photos. I was going to list them with the numbers from the regular set but as can be seen, the stickers differ from the regular Euro 84 stickers so would be out of place in a Panini album.

Manuel Amoros (France)
Maxime Bossis (France)
Hans-Peter Briegel (West Germany)
Chalana (Portugal)
Luis Fernandez (France)
Eric Gerets (Belgium)
Alain Giresse (France)
Gomes (Portugal)
Jordao (Portugal)
Michael Laudrup (Denmark)
Soren Lerby (Denmark)
Pierre Litbarski (West Germany)
Jaime Pacheco (Portugal)
Jean-Marie Pfaff (Belgium)
Michel Platini (France)
Dominigue Rocheteau (France)
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (West Germany)
Harald Schumacher (West Germany)
Allan Simonsen (Denmark)
Ulrich Stielke (West Germany)
Jean-Amadou Tigana (France)
Marius Tresor (France)
Erwin Vandenbergh (Belgium)
Frankie Vercauteren (Belgium)

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