Friday 21 October 2016

SRV - Spaar Speel & Win - Nederlands Voetbal

Spaar Speel & Win - Nederlands Voetbal
32 stickers (16 footballers)

Gregory Graetz sent me scans of a matchbook that includes stickers of Johan Cruyff and a cartoon character. He asked if I knew anything about it but I'd never seen this before so I started doing some research, but went down the wrong path. I was looking for Terzafix but I should have been searching for SRV, I think Terzafix were the company that attached the matches to the matchbooks. The inside of the matchbook cover mentions collecting all 32 stickers which, I presume, means 16 cartoon characters and 16 footballers. I've found out that the cartoon characters are from a comic strip called Tom Poes (Tom Puss in English) and a poster was available to collect them on as shown above. I presume a similar poster was available to collect the Dutch footballers, though I haven't been able to track one down.
What might makes these matchbooks even more collectable is the fact that there are a couple of product names like Pepsi and Heineken printed on the reverse of the cover that includes the footballers. I've found a number of different ones, with some players have at least three different backs and it's possible that all players can be found with all the different backs. All the different ones I've come across are listed after the players and shown here too.
  1. W. Brokamp
  2. J. Cruyff
  3. Th. de Jong
  4. E. Drost
  5. A. Haan
  6. B. Hulshoff
  7. W. Jansen
  8. P. Keizer
  9. R. Krol
  10. A. Mansveld
  11. G. Muhren
  12. J. Neeskens
  13. P. Schrijvers
  14. W. Suurbier
  15. J. v. Beveren
  16. W. v. Hanegem
Spaar Speel & Win - Nederlands Voetbal - back designs
  1. Croma / 7up    (W. v. Hanegem)
  2. Croma / Pepsi    (P. Keizer, R. Krol, J. v. Beveren)
  3. Heineken / Leeuwezegel margarine    (R. Krol)
  4. Heineken / Unox Soepen    (J. Cruyff, E. Drost)
  5. Heineken / Vlees Conserven Unox    (A. Mansveld, J. Neeskens)
  6. Raak / Friesche Vlag Goudband koffiemelk    (B. Hulshoff, P. Keizer, R. Krol, W. v. Hanegem)
  7. Raak / Halvamel    (J. Cruyff)
  8. Raak / Leeuwezegel margarine    (W. Brokamp, P. Schrijvers)
  9. Raak / Melfri    (W. Brokamp)
  10. Royco / E*10 speciaal    (W. Suurbier)
  11. Royco / Heineken    (Th. de Jong, B. Hulshoff)
  12. Van Nelle / Melfri    (A. Haan, W. Jansen)


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