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Michelides Ltd. (Australia) - Sport Club Gallery

Sport Club Gallery
Michelides Ltd.
15 cards ? (1 football)

Steve Flemming has provided details and a scan of this very rare football card. It was produced as a cigarette packet panel (unprinted on the inside) by the Western Australian firm Michelides Ltd. in late 1956/early 1957. The 'Sport Club' packaging series included 12 leading sporting subjects from Western Australia with 6 of them depicting Australian Rules players and another of them featuring Ron Adair – a well credentialed Western Australian 'soccer' player. The series is regarded as the only known post-WW2 Australian sporting issue done by a cigarette company and remains very sought after with only a handful of cards known to exist.
UPDATE (20-11-2016 12:16):  Steve Flemming has provided details of another 8 cards, making a total of 15 known so far.

A8.  Ron Adair (Swan Athletic - Association Football)

Pat Daly (South Fremantle - Australian Rules Football)
Herb Elliot (Athletics)   -    added   -    thanks to Steve Flemming
Graham Farmer (East Perth - Australian Rules Football)
Cliff Hillier (South Fremantle - Australian Rules Football)
Don Morrison (Surf Life Saving)   -    added   -    thanks to Steve Flemming
Kelly Rogers (Golf)   -    added   -    thanks to Steve Flemming
John Rutherford (Cricket)   -    added   -    thanks to Steve Flemming
Ken Snow (Baseball)   -    added   -    thanks to Steve Flemming
Shirley Strickland (Athletics)   -    added   -    thanks to Steve Flemming
Roland 'Rolly' Tasker (Yachting)   -    added   -    thanks to Steve Flemming
John Todd (South Fremantle - Australian Rules Football)
Dick Walker (Perth - Australian Rules Football)
Barry White (South Fremantle - Australian Rules Football)
Clive Wilderspin (Tennis)   -    added   -    thanks to Steve Flemming


  1. The Set number is now at least 15, with additional subjects now known to include Herb Elliot (Athletics), Don Morrison (Surf Life Saving), Kelly Rogers (Golf), John Rutherford (Cricket), Ken Snow (Baseball), Shirley Strickland (Athletics), Roland 'Rolly' Tasker (Yachting) & Clive Wilderspin (Tennis)


    Steve F.

    1. Hi Steve,

      You've been doing a lot of research, thanks for the additional information. I've added the new names to the list.



  2. Hi Alan and Steve
    My name is Rod from Fremantle Western Australia and was interested to see if I’m able to scan the 6 michelides LTD sport club gallery cards in the Australian football set?
    I have the cricketer “John Rutherford “ from the series and hoping to obtain scans of the footballers.
    Many thanks
    and kind regards

    Rod Baltovich
    Western Australia

    1. Hi Rod,

      Thanks for your comment, I'm sorry I can't help you, I don't have scans of those cards, I only have a scan of the Ron Adair card shown here.

      Kind regards,


  3. Does anyone know someone who has a Kelly Rogers card they would sell?


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