Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Barratt & Co. / WHC Ltd. - (BAR-290) Famous Footballers (Transfers) (02)

(BAR-290) Famous Footballers (Transfers)
Barratt & Co. / WHC Ltd.
3 sheets x 20 transfers

Paul Chauveau has provided images of all three sheets. It's always a pleasure to complete rare checklists. The first sheet was listed previously, they are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only.

Sheet 1

J.R. Howe (Derby County)
B. Jones (Arsenal)
T. Lawton (Notts County)
S. Mortensen (England)
E. Hinton (Fulham)
L.R. Leuty (Derby County)
A. MaCauley (Arsenal)
T. Ford (Aston Villa)
W. Liddell (Liverpool)
E. Quigley (Sheffield Wednesday)
T. Finney (Preston North End)
J. Delaney (Manchester United)
F. Hodgetts (West Brom - in Millwall shirt)
J. Mercer (Arsenal)
W.A. Wright (Wolverhampton W.)
N. Franklin (Stoke City)
T. Walker (Heart of Midlothian - Chelsea shirt)
R. Burgess (Spurs) 
J. Shaw (Glasgow Rangers)
C. Sidlow (Liverpool)

Sheet 2

A.E. Stephenson (Everton)
A. Forbes (Arsenal)
J. Govan (Hibernian)
S. Pearson (Manchester United)
G. Hardwick (Middlesbrough)
P. Harris (Birmingham City)
S. Matthews (Blackpool)
L. Duquemin (Tottenham Hotspur)
R. Langton (Preston N.E.)
E. Day (Southampton)
C. Trigg (Birmingham City)
J.F. Rowley (Manchester United)
C. Duffy (Charlton)
F. Swift (Manchester City)
H. Cockburn (Manchester United)
E. Dodds (Everton)
J.G. Jones (Everton)
I. MacPherson (Arsenal)
T.V. Ward (Derby County)
P. Taylor (Liverpool)

Sheet 3

L. Scott (Arsenal)
H. Johnston (Blackpool)
T. Moroney (West Ham)
A.E. Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur)
J.G. Taylor (Fulham)
A. Powell (Everton - Leeds United shirt?)
W. Barnes (Arsenal)
G. Young (Glasgow Rangers)
W. Mannion (Middlesbrough)
J. Morris (Derby County - Manchester United shirt)
L. Shackleton (Sunderland - Newcastle United shirt)
L. Smith (Aston Villa)
R. Carter (Hull City - Derby County shirt)
J. Milburn (Newcastle United)
A. Stubbins (Liverpool)
V. Buckingham (Tottenham Hotspur)
J. Carey (Manchester United)
B.F. Williams (Wolverhampton W.)
P. Doherty (Huddersfield)
L. Compton (Arsenal)

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