Saturday 16 July 2016

Lewis's Hollywood Scale - (LEW-060) Footballers

(LEW-060) Footballers
Lewis's Hollywood Scale
5 cards known

These cards were issued with weighing scales and are the earliest football cards produced for this medium that I have ever come across. These pictures are of poor quality but these cards are very scarce and I managed to get these images in a period in time when scanners were yet to be invented and photocopiers were a fairly new concoction.

M. Busby (Liverpool)

A. Geldard (Everton)
E. Harston (Liverpool) - dated 26-11-1937   -   added 28-08-2022  -  thanks to George Rowlands
F. Howe (Liverpool)
J. Mercer (Everton)
 - dated 30-11-1937


  1. I have just found one of these cards showing the Liverpool player E. Harston dated 26 Nov 1937 ?

  2. Sorry forgot to give my name, George Rowlands re Harston card.


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