Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Washington - Voetbal Logo's Engeland (Cigar bands)

Voetbal Logo's Engeland
20 cigar bands

A set of cigar bands, I presume they are from 2013-14 as they use the red Cardiff City badge, though the teams are randomly selected and don't represent any one division.

VE1.  Manchester United
VE2.  Manchester City
VE3.  Liverpool
VE4.  Leeds United
VE5.  Fulham
VE6.  Derby County
VE7.  Crystal Palace
VE8.  Chelsea
VE9.  Cardiff City
VE10.  Blackpool
VE11.  Blackburn Rovers
VE12.  West Ham United
VE13.  Middlesbrough
VE14.  Newcastle United
VE15.  Norwich City
VE16.  Queens Park Rangers
VE17.  Southampton
VE18.  Stoke City
VE19.  Sunderland
VE20.  Tottenham Hotspur

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