Friday, 29 April 2016

Leaf Trading Cards - 2015 Leaf Q (02)

2015 Leaf Q
Leaf Trading Cards
78 cards

I know we are well into 2016 but this collection comes out today, 29 April and it's being called the 2015 Leaf Q multi-sport collection. There are cards of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Pelé and Hope Solo. I've only included checklists for the sections that include footballers. More photos will be added as they become available - Silver (Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. and Pelé), Gold (Neymar Jr., Pelé) and Red (Pelé) shown so far.

UPDATE (30-04-2016 08:48): Cristiano Ronaldo (Silver Spectrum), Pelé (Silver Spectrum, Black Printing Plate) and Hope Solo (Charcoal, Blue, Green) added.
UPDATE (03-05-2016 12:02):  Three Lionel Messi cards added, the regular Silver, Gold and Silver Spectrum.
UPDATE (05-05-2016 12:05):  Three more cards added - Cristiano Ronaldo (Gold and Red) and Lionel Messi (Black Printing Plate).
UPDATE (07-05-2016 04:01):  Neymar Printing Plate added.
UPDATE (10-05-2016 14:11):  Cristiano Ronaldo (Yellow Printing Plate) added along with a Red Hope Solo Flashback Pure Autograph card.
UPDATE (11-05-2016 12:30):  Lionel Messi (Red) and Neymar Jr. (Silver Spectrum) added.
UPDATE (17-05-2016 18:02):  Neymar (Red) added. Only 1/1's missing for each of the players.

Autographs - Silver

33 cards
PARALLEL: Autographs - Gold #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Autographs - Red #/10 or #/5
PARALLEL: Autographs - Silver Spectrum #/5
PARALLEL: Autographs - Gold Spectrum 1/1
PARALLEL: Autographs - Printing Plate - Black 1/1
PARALLEL: Autographs - Printing Plate - Cyan 1/1
PARALLEL: Autographs - Printing Plate - Magenta 1/1
PARALLEL: Autographs - Printing Plate - Yellow 1/1

A-AI1.  Allen Iverson

A-AP1.  Al Pacino
A-BF1.  Brett Favre
A-BG1.  Bob Griese
A-BJ1.  Bo Jackson
A-CC1.  Chevy Chase
A-CJ1.  Chipper Jones
A-CR1.  Cristiano Ronaldo  (10, 5, 3, 1/1)
A-CRJ.  Cal Ripken Jr.
A-DR2.  Dennis Rodman
A-FT1.  Frank Thomas
A-HH1.  Hulk Hogan
A-IL1.  Ivan Lendl
A-JC2.  Jimmy Connors
A-JE1.  Jack Eichel
A-JK1.  Jim Kelly
A-JR1.  Jerry Rice
A-LB1.  Larry Bird
A-LM1.  Lionel Messi  (10, 5, 3, 1/1)
A-MJ1.  Magic Johnson
A-ML1.  Mario Lemieux
A-MM1.  Marcus Mariota
A-MP1.  Mike Piazza
A-NJR.  Neymar Jr.  (10, 5, 3, 1/1)
A-P1.  Pelé  (25, 10, 5, 1/1)
A-PMB.  Paul McBeth
A-PR1.  Patrick Roy
A-RF1.  Roger Federer
A-SP1.  Scottie Pippen
A-TB1.  Terry Bradshaw
A-TB2.  Tom Brady
A-TG1.  Todd Gurley
A-YM1.  Yoan Moncada

Cut Signature

1 card

Dual Cut Signature Gold

1 card

Dual Memorabilia Autographs

1 card

Flashback Memorabilia Autographs (2014)

2 cards

Flashback Pure Autographs (2014) - Charcoal

5 cards
PARALLEL: Flashback Pure Autographs (2014) - Blue #/26 or less
PARALLEL: Flashback Pure Autographs (2014) - Green #/10 or #/5
PARALLEL: Flashback Pure Autographs (2014) - Red #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Flashback Pure Autographs (2014) - Purple 1/1

P-BG1.  Bob Gibson

P-DR1.  Dennis Rodman
P-HS1.  Hope Solo  (25, 10, 4, No)
P-JH1.  Jack Ham
P-KC1.  Ken Climo

Memorablilia Autographs

20 cards

Memorabilia Bat

2 cards

Pure Autographs

13 cards

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