Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Roox Sports - Baltimore Blast Trading Cards (1999-2000)

Baltimore Blast Trading Cards
Roox Sports
23 cards

Baltimore Blast are in indoor football team and played in the National Professional Soccer League in 1999-2000.

Title Card
01 BL.  Smith Brad
02 BL.  Tenney David
03 BL.  Medd Pete
04 BL.  Hicks Todd
05 BL.  Dougherty Shane
06 BL.  Marcano Derrick
07 BL.  Thomas Mark
08 BL.  Wright Paul
09 BL.  Simmons Ronald
10 BL.  Stitz, Barry
11 BL.  Dieter, Jason
12 BL.  Neely, Doug
13 BL.  Santoro, Danny
14 BL.  Kremer, J.J.
15 BL.  Kelly, Danny
16 BL.  Walker, Tarik
17 BL.  Johnson, Lance
18 BL.  Rasmussen, Erik
19 BL.  Cabral, Denison
20 BL.  Hileman, Scott
21 BL.  Kevin Healey (Coach)
Blaster (Mascot)

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