Sunday, 24 April 2016

Empire of Cards (Russia) - Sport (Playing Cards)

Sport (Playing Cards)
Empire of Cards
54 playing cards

Paul Jeggo has sent in scans of the playing cards in this collection, along with the front and back of the box they came in and the back of one of the cards.

Red Joker – Oliver Bierhoff
Black Joker – Christian Vieri

A♦.  Evander Holyfield
2♦.  Andre Agassi
3♦.  Christian Vieri
4♦.  Predrag Mijatovic
5♦.  Juan Veron
6♦.  Mario Jardel
7♦.  Rui Costa
8♦.  Christian Vieri
9♦.  Tour Andre Flo
10♦.  Pavel Naved
J♦.  Ben Johnson
Q♦.  Lindsay Davenport
K♦.  Zinedine Zidane

A♣.  Devid Tua
2♣.  Gianluca Pessotto
3♣.  Roy Keane
4♣.  Cludio Taffarel
5♣.  Rui Costa
6♣.  Tony Adams
7♣.  Gaizka Mendieta
8♣.  Oliver Bierhoff
9♣.  Michael Jordan
10♣.  Gheoghe Hagi
J♣.  Vladimir Klitschko
Q♣.  Nuno Gomes
K♣.  Allen Iverson

A♥.  Lennox Lewis
2♥.  Boris Becker
3♥.  Lother Matthaus
4♥.  Michael Owen
5♥.  Zlatko Zahovic
6♥.  Jocelyn Angloma / Roberto Carlos
7♥.  Gheoghe Hagi
8♥.  Enrico Chiesa
9♥.  Edgar Davids
10♥.  Oliver Neuville
J♥.  Intercontinental Cup
Q♥.  Conchita Martinez
K♥.  Fabien Barhez

A♠.  Michael Jordan
2♠.  Gustavo Kverten
3♠.  Gert Verheyen / Freddie Lоungberg
4♠.  Emmanuel Petit / Laurent Blanc
5♠.  Pete Sampras
6♠.  Raul
7♠.  Abel Xavier / Michael Owen
8♠.  Claudio Lopez
9♠.  Julio Cesar Chavez
10♠.  Scottie Pippen
J♠.  Kobe Bryant
Q♠.  Mike Tyson
K♠.  Dennis Rodman

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