Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Obersver Magazine - Footballers (cut-outs - 1976) (02)


Unknown issuer
Unknown number

Allan sent me a scan of these two 'cards'. They are actually cut from some publication. I don't recognize them but I hope that they may be familiar to someone. If I had to guess I would think they might come from a Sunday supplement magazine, perhaps The Observer or The Sunday Times. I've dated them as 1970's because of Don Revie's "Ten years' success of managing Leeds".

UPDATE (22-03-2016 08:21):  Trevor Cotterell has informed me that I've included details of these footballers in a previous blog post from June last year, though we are still no nearer to finding out where they come from. The original list can be found here - Unknown issuer (Newspaper) - Footballers (cut-outs).

Don Revie (Manchester City)

George Young (Rangers)

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