Friday 18 March 2016

Futera Platinum - The Captains of Arsenal F.C.

The Captains of Arsenal F.C.
Futera Platinum
54 cards

Each card is numbered to 1886 copies. The cards were sold as a complete set. 34 of the cards were stamped on the back in silver foil as promotional cards, these are listed after the checklist.
UPDATE (21-092-109 12:11):  Terry has informed me that he has bought nos 1 to 51 that are stamped on the back as promotional cards so it's safe to assume all the cards were available this way as I already knew two of the checklist cards were available as promos.

The Captains of Arsenal F.C.
The Captains of Arsenal F.C. - 'Promotional Card Only' silver foil stamped on back

1.  Introduction
2.  John Julian
3.  Gavin Crawford
4.  Joseph Powell
5.  Caesar Jenkyns
6.  John Dick
7.  James Jackson
8.  Percy Sands
9.  Joseph E. Shaw
10.  Charles Buchan
11.  William Blyth
12.  Alfred Baker
13.  Thomas Parker
14.  Edris Hapgood
15.  Charles Jones
16.  Alexander James
17.  Charles Male
18.  Leslie Compton
19.  Lawrence Scott
20.  James Logie
21.  Walley Barnes
22.  Joseph Wade
23.  Joe Mercer
24.  Clifford Holton
25.  Harry Goring
26.  David Bowen
27.  Dennis Evans
28.  Vic Groves
29.  Terry Neill
30.  Frank McLintock
31.  Pat Rice
32.  Edward Kelly
33.  Robert McNab
34.  Alan Ball
35.  David O'Leary
36.  Graham Rix
37.  Paul Davis
38.  John Hollins
39.  Kenny Sansom
40.  Martin Keown
41.  Tony Adams
42.  Nigel Winterburn
43.  Steve Bould
44.  David Seaman
45.  Ian Wright
46.  Phil Kelso
47.  Herbert Chapman
48.  Cliff Bastin
49.  Denis Compton
50.  Tom Whittaker
51.  George Graham
52.  Checklist 1
53.  Checklist 2
54.  Checklist 3


  1. I have just purchased 1 to 51 from an eBay seller, they all have promotional card on the back in silver, regards Terry

  2. Cheers Terry, it seems my information was wrong and it's likely all the cards were issued as promotional items, including the checklists. I'll amend the post to reflect this, removing the second list.


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