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Coca Cola (Netherlands) - Miniatuur Voetballers in Clubkleuren

Miniatuur Voetballers in Clubkleuren
Coca Cola
60 figures

Something a little different, these figures were issued in the Netherlands for about a year from November 1954. Originally only 52 were issued but new models came out at irregular intervals. In the end there were 60 different to collect. They are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only.
UPDATE (24-03-2016 11:52):  Wila75 has provided some additional information about this collection:
According to experts, this was the most successful Coca Cola promotion ever in the Netherlands.
Loose stands were available allowing collectors to track the league positions each week and cost f1.50 available.
September 1954 - 52 + 1 (two different Elinkwijk figures) = 53 playing figures:
Afdeling A: AGOVV, Blauw Wit, DWS, Elinkwijk (x2), SC Enschede, GVAV, Haarlem, HVC, Heerenveen, Leeuwarden, Vitesse, VSV, Wageningen
Afdeling B: Ajax, Be Quick, DOS, EDO, Enschedese Boys, Go Ahead, Heracles, NEC, Rigtersbleek, Stormvogels, Veen dam, Volewijckers, Zwolsche Boys
Afdeling C: BVV, EBOH, Excelsior, Hermes DVS, Kerkrade, Limburgia, NAC, PSV, RBC, Sittardia, VVV'03, Willem II, Xerxes
Afdeling D: ADO, Brabantia, Bleijerheide, DFC, Eindhoven, Emma, Feijenoord, Juliana, Longa, MVV, NOAD, Sparta, SVV 
From November 28, 1954 (merger NBVB and KNVB), the 1954-55 league was restarted. Juliana, Bleijerheide and Kerkrade were taken off the market and in February/March 1955 8 new figures were issued: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Fortuna 54, Holland Sport, de Graafschap, Rapid JC, Roda Sport en VVV (8 professional clubs making a total of 61 playing figures).
In addition, a regional Coca-Cola bottler Zeijerveld (Alphen) made 10 'illegal' footballers from the 4e klasse C West II , namely:. Alphia, DONK, EDS, GSV, Haastrecht, ,Lekkerkerk, SMV, VEP, Woerden en Boskoop. (These are very rare)

1.  ADO
3.  Ajax
4.  Alkmaar
5.  Amsterdam
6.  Be Quick
7.  Blauw-Wit
8.  Bleijerheide
9.  Brabantia
10.  BVV
11.  De Graafschap
12.  DFC
13.  DOS
14.  DWS
15.  EBOH
16.  EDO
17.  Eindhoven
18.  Elinkwijk
19.  Emma
20.  SC Enschede
21.  Enschedese Boys
22.  Excelsior
23.  FC Holland Sport
24.  Feijennord
25.  Fortuna 54
26.  Go Ahead
27.  GVAV
28.  Haarlem
29.  Heerenveen
30.  Heracles
31.  Hermes DVS
32.  HVC
33.  Juliana
34.  Kerkrade
35.  Leeuwarden
36.  Limburgia
37.  Longa
38.  MVV
39.  NAC Breda
40.  NEC
41.  Longa
42.  PSV
43.  Rapid JC
44.  RBC
45.  Rigtersbleek
46.  Roda Sport
47.  Sittardia
48.  Sparta
49.  Stormvogels
50.  SVV
51.  Veendam
52.  Vitesse
53.  Volewijckers
54.  VSV
55.  SC VVV
56.  VVV '03
57.  Wageningen
58.  Willem II
59.  Xerxes
60.  Zwolsche Boys

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  1. Hi, I have a good collection of these figures but many are loose, does anyone have a guide to all the kits and names or photos?



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