Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Chocolaterie de l'Union (France) - Belles Images (1950's)

Belles Images
Chocolaterie de l'Union
21 cards (6 football)

I've had these pictures for some time, but knew nothing about the set that come from. I wasn't sure whether the action picture even came from the same set as the players. Then I found this checklist on the Track and Field and Road Racing Trading Cards website. The cards are unnumbered and are listing in alphabetical order, first by sport and then by surname.

Patrick El-Mabrouk (Athletics)
Marcel Hansenne (Athletics)
Alain Mimoun (Athletics)
Athletisme - Saut a la perche (Athletics)
Athletisme - Saut de haies (Athletics)
Andre Buffieres (Basketball)
Le Basket-ball - Un panier (Basketball)
Marcel Cerdan (Boxing)
Lauren Dauthuille (Boxing)
Sugar Ray Robinson (Boxing)
La Boxe - Une esquive (Boxing)
Jean Baratte (Football)
Antoine Cuissard (Football)
Julien Da Rui (Football)
Guy Huguet (Football)
Ernest Vaast (Football)
Le Football (Football)
Aviron - Huit avec barreur (Rowing)
Alex Jany (Swimming)
La Natation - La brasse papillon (Swimming)
Le Tennis - La montee au filet (Tennis)

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