Monday, 14 March 2016

I.P.C. Magazines / Datakit on the World Cup Mexico 70 - 16 World Stars (Poster)

16 World Stars
I.P.C. Magazines / Datakit on the World Cup Mexico 70
1 poster

A very poor picture of a poster that you don't see very often, featuring 16 players expected to be stars of the 1970 World Cup tournament.
UPDATE (27-06-2020 15:44):  I was original told that this poster was issued with World Soccer magazine, but this is incorrect. The poster is part of a package called Datakit on the World Cup Mexico 70, as shown in the advert above.

Bobby Moore (England)
Pelé (Brazil)
Josef Adamec (Czechoslovakia)
Mordechai Spiegler (Israel)
Franz Beckenbauer (West Germany)
Mohamed Houmane (Morocco)
Luigi Riva (Italy)
Albert Shesternev (Russia)
Enrique Borja (Mexico)
Roger Magnusson (Sweden)
Juan Ramon Martinez (El Salvador)
Georgi Asparoukov (Bulgaria)
Hector Chumpitaz (Peru)
Ladislao Mazurkiewicz (Uruguay)
Florian Dumitrache (Rumania)
Paul Van Himst (Belgium)

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