Thursday, 12 November 2015

Wingate Cards - Team Line-Ups


Team Line-Ups
Wingate Cards
10 cards

Team line-up from the 1950's and 1960's.

1.  Wolverhampton Wanderers
          Harris, Clamp, Stuart, Finlayson, Dwyer, Flowers, Mullen, Slater
          Gardiner (Trainer), Deeley, Broadbent, Wright, Mason, Booth, Cullen (Manager)
          Murray, Showell
2.  Bristol Rovers
          Pitt, Bamford, Radford, Warren, Edwards, Anderson
          Petherbridge, Hale, Bardford, Roost, Hooper
3.  Manchester City
          (Players only) Barnes, Leivers, Trautmann, Ewing, Little
          Johnstone, Hayes, Paul, Revie, Dyson, Clarke
4.  Workington
          Fleming, Vitty, Newlands, Stokoe, Aitken, Whittle, Dunlop
          Jones, Bertolini, Dailey, Cameron
5.  Brighton and Hove Albion
          Lane (Manager), Tennant, Bates, Gill, Whitfield, G. Wilson, J. Wilson (Trainer)
          Gordon, Thorne, Sexton, Harburn, Foreman, Howard
6.  Preston North End
          Mattinson, Lewis, G. Thompson, Wilson, Forbes.
          Doherty, Finney, T. Thompson, Baxter, Taylor, Walton.
7.  West Ham United
          Moore (Trainer), Malcolm, Brown, Bond, Gregory, Cantwell, Pyke, Lansdown, Fenton (Manager)
          Grice, Smith, Keeble, Dick, Musgrove
8.  Arsenal
          Charlton, Goring, Sullivan, Fotheringham, Evans
          Clapton, Tapscott, Holton, Graves, Bloomfield, Tiddy
9.  Leeds United
          Don Weston, Grenville Hair, Paul Reaney, Gary Sprake, Brian Williamson, Jack Charlton, Norman Hunter, Cliff Mason
          Eric Smith, Ian Lawson, John Hawksby, Jim Storrie, Tommy Henderson, Billy Bremner, Willie Bell
10.  Blackpool
          Gratrix, Charnley, Waiters, Cranson, Martin
          Lea, Quinn, Armfeild, McPhee, Crawford, Harne

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