Friday, 13 November 2015

Northern Co-Operative Society Ltd. - (NOI-4/NOR-280) Then and Now

(NOI-4/NOR-280) Then and Now
Northern Co-Operative Society Ltd.

25 cards (1 Football)

This set of cards was also issued by Askey's (ASK-2/ASK-030) and Ringtons (RIZ-17/RIN-150) and also by Tonibell as 'This Changing World', which can be seen here - Tonibell - TON-070 This Changing World.

1.  Road Transport
2.  Aircraft
3.  Typewriter
4.  Bicycle
5.  Rockets
6.  Bridges
7.  Water Transport
8.  Coventry Cathedral
9.  Telescopes
10.  Vehicles of War
11.  Harvesting
12.  Fire Engines
13.  Telephone
14.  Clocks
15.  Lighthouse
16.  Motor Cycle
17.  Television
18.  The "Ark Royal"
19.  Bed
20.  Soccer
21.  Ships
22.  The Mail
23.  Guns
24.  Sewing Machine
25.  The Railroad


  1. Alan

    This set appears in the Cartophilic's Society English Trade Handbook to 1970 under reference HX-27 Then and Now, Cards were also issued by Askey's and Ringtons aw well as those you also mentioned.


    John Levitt

    1. Thanks John,

      I've now added some more information about those issues.


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