Friday, 13 November 2015

Godfrey Phillips Ltd. - Sporting Series

Sporting Series
Godfrey Phillips Ltd.
25 (1)

Two series of cards issued 13 years apart, and this is the first, issued in 1910. The second version, issued in 1923 is just called Sports.

1.  "Cutting figures" (Ice Skating)
2.  "So near and yet so far" (Greased Pole Walking)
3.  "Well netted!" (Lacrosse)
4.  "The Terrible Turk" (Wrestling)
5.  "Slipping the slip" (Toboganning)
6.  "Well saved" (Water Polo)
7.  "Well marked!" (Rugby)
8.  "Prospects of a good bite" (Fishing)
9.  "The knock out' (Boxing)
10.  "On the rocks" (Climbing)
11.  "Push" (Push Ball)
12.  "Last but not least" (Walking)
13.  "Heave!" (Tug Of War)
14.  "Put me amongst the girls" (Bathing)
15.  "Keep your eye on the ball" (Golf)
16.  "Back to the land!" (Hunting)
17.  "Touched the button" (Fencing)
18.  "A 'wicket' joke" (Cricket)
19.  "Love all" (Tennis)
20.  "A short circuit" (Motor Racing)
21.  "Facing the ball" (Association Football)
22.  "A big break!" (Billiards)
23.  "A free wheel" (Cycling)
24.  "Two birds with one stone" (Rabbit Shooting)
25.  "A spreadeagle field" (Cross Country Running)

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