Wednesday 11 November 2015

John Player & Sons / Card Collectors Society - Footballers 1928

Footballers 1928
John Player & Sons / Card Collectors Society
50 cards

I don't think I ever realized that this collection had been reprinted by the Card Collectors Society.

1.  T. Bradshaw (Bury)
2.  G.R. Briggs (Birmingham)
3.  W. Coggins (Bristol City)
4.  J. Cookson (West Bromwich Albion)
5.  R. Cove-Smith (Old Merchant Taylors - Rugby)
6.  S. Cowan (Manchester City)
7.  W. Cresswell (Everton)
8.  B. Denyer (Swindon Town)
9.  Sir T.G. Devitt (Blackheath - Rugby)
10.  W. Dinsdale (Lincoln City)
11.  J. Duncan (Leicester City)
12.  Leslie Fairclough (St. Helens - Rugby)
13.  J. Fort (Millwall)
14.  J. Fowler (Swansea Town)
15.  D. Halliday (Sunderland)
16.  C.J. Hanrahan (Ireland - Rugby)
17.  H. Healless (Blackburn Rovers)
18.  G. Hodgson (Liverpool)
19.  D.B.J. Jack (Bolton Wanderers)
20.  F.C. Keenor (Cardiff City)
21.  A.E. Keeping (Southampton)
22.  Windsor H. Lewis (Wales - Rugby)
23.  G.P.S. MacPherson (Oxford University - Rugby)
24.  B.O. Male (Cardiff - Rugby)
25.  F.D. Mann (Manchester United)
26.  T. McDonald (Newcastle United)
27.  L. McPherson (Swansea Town)
28.  H. McVicker (Ireland - Rugby)
29.  B. Mills (Notts County)
30.  V.E. Milne (Aston Villa)
31.  P. Mooney (Brighton & Hove Albion)
32.  D. Morris (Preston North End)
33.  J. Oakes (Port Vale)
34.  E. O'Callaghan (Tottenham Hotspur)
35.  E. Oliver (Batley - Rugby)
36.  T.R. Parker (Arsenal)
37.  F.J. Penn (Fulham)
38.  J. Priestley (Grimsby Town)
39.  M. Russell (Plymouth Argyle)
40.  I.S. Smith (Scotland - Rugby)
41.  C. Stephenson (Huddersfield Town)
42.  H. Storer (Derby County)
43.  E.G. Taylor (Oxford University - Rugby)
44.  J. Trotter (Sheffield Wednesday)
45.  F. Tunstall (Sheffield United)
46.  R. Turnbull (Charlton Athletic)
47.  F. Twine (Middlesbrough)
48.  G.S. Waterfield (Burnley)
49.  J. Weddle (Portsmouth)
50.  T.P. Yews (West Ham United)


  1. Alan

    The Card Collectors Society have re-issued at least 7 other sets you have listed.

    Association Footballers - Wills
    Club Badges - Odgens
    Football Caricatures - Ogdens
    Footballers, Caricatures by RIP - Players
    Sporting Celebrities - Churchman
    Sporting Trophies - Churchman
    Sports of All Nations - Wills

    They have also issued 4 other sets that have the potential to contain references to football (I have yet to check)

    ABC of Sport - Ogdens
    Footballers 1914 - Churchman
    Men of the Moment in Sport - Churchman
    Sports and Games in Many Lands - Edwards Ringer and Biggs

    There may be others, I would have to look through every set I have (about 259)


    John Levitt

  2. Can not find any information on E. Oliver card #35. Could this be Joe Oliver, and the E. a misprint? Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      It could well be, though I am not an expert on Rugby League players. 'Joe' oliver does seem to be the only Oliver who played for Batley at that time.



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