Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Esso - (ESV-7) Squelchers


ESV-7 Squelchers
16 booklets

Little booklets created to 'squelch' any arguments about football. A plastic holder was issued to house the collection. You can see illustrations of the covers of all 16 booklets here - http://cards.littleoak.com.au/197071 _esso_squelchers

1. Goalkeeping Greats

2. The Man in the Middle
3. The World Cup Story
4. League Champs
5. Football Crazy
6. Colourful Characters
7. Club Colours and Nicknames
8. Language of Football
9. Star Strikers
10. England
11. Northern Ireland
12. Scotland
13. Wales
14. European Champions
15. Masters of Defence
16. Up for Cup!

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