Monday, 2 November 2015

West Ham United F.C. - programme inserts (07) - 1970-71

West Ham United programme inserts
West Ham United F.C.
9 inserts

Steve Marsh contacted me to let me know that West Ham United also gave away photographic inserts with the club's programme during the 1970-71 season. Steve has finished his research into these sheets and here's the complete checklist. To see all the inserts follow this link to the superb website - West Ham United Football Programmes - 1970-71, compiled by Steve and Stuart Allen.
You can find the previous checklists here - 1968-69, 1969-70.

17-08-1970 v Arsenal.  Pat Holland (action) / Harry Redknapp (action) and Ron Boyce (action)
22-08-1970 v Chelsea.  Bobby Howe (action) / Peter Eustace (portrait)
31-08-1970 v Southampton.  no insert
05-09-1970 v Everton.  Bobby Howe (portrait) / Billy Bonds (action)
09-09-1970 v Hull City (FL Cup 2nd Round).  no insert
19-09-1970 v Newcastle United.  no insert
03-10-1970 v Burnley.  no insert
17-10-1970 v Tottenham Hotspur.  Hammerettes, Clyde Best (action)
31-10-1970 v Blackpool.  no insert
14-11-1970 v Wolverhampton Wanderers.  Team Group 1970-71
28-11-1970 v Coventry City.  Jimmy Greaves (action)
12-12-1970 v Liverpool.  no insert
26-12-1970 v Nottingham Forest (Postponed).  
16-01-1971 v Leeds United.  no insert
06-02-1971 v Derby County.  Peter Grotier (action) / Jimmy Greaves (portrait)
20-02-1971 v Manchester City.  no insert
24-02-1971 v Nottingham Forest.  no insert
06-03-1971 v Crystal Palace.  Geoff Hurst (action) / Peter Eusatace (action)
20-03-1971 v Ipswich Town.  no insert
03-04-1971 v Manchester United.  no insert
09-04-1971 v West Bromwich Albion.  Bobby Moore (action)
17-04-1971 v Stoke City.  Jimmy Greaves (action) - same as Coventry
01-05-1971 v Huddersfield Town.  no insert

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