Monday, 2 November 2015

足球俱乐部 (Football Clubs) (China) - Red Storm / Blue Storm / White Storm / Legend (2003)


Red Storm / Blue Storm / White Storm / Legend
足球俱乐部 (Football Clubs)
Unknown number

I don't know much about these cards but they were issued in 2003. I've included the front and back of both cards in case there is some useful information in the Chinese characters.

UPDATE (04-04-2019 - 09:39):  The post was originally published as Unknown issuer (China) but Lin Chen has identified the publication these cards were issued with, a magazine called 足球俱乐部 (Football Clubs) and there are four different sets.

Red Storm


Blue Storm


White Storm

Johan Micoud (SV Werder Bremen)  约翰·米库


Paolo Rossi (Italy)  保罗·罗西

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  1. This is published by a Magazine called 足球俱乐部(Football Clubs)and 4 series totally. They called Red Storm, Blue Storm, White Storm and Legend. Micoud is in White and Rossi is in Legend.


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