Thursday, 5 November 2015

Northampton Town - 1938-39 Programme inserts (4)

Northampton Town F.C. 
B&W Full Length Portrait
Supplement to Club Programme 
(127mm x 192mm)
19 known

Trevor Cotterell has provided names of players and officials that were also issued with the club programme. These new finds all appeared on eBay and I missed them.

19 inserts are now known. I have found a team photo from August 1938 and I've highlighted the players and officials already listed here. There are a few players listed here that don't feature in the team photo and quite a few in the team photo that aren't listed here. Football programmes in the 1930s were almost the same for reserve team games as they were for first team fixtures and it's possible that inserts may have been included with reserve team programmes too. Northampton Town ran a team in the Football Combination that provided an additional 23 home fixtures to go with the 21 Division Three South games, so there may be at least 44 photographic inserts to identify. There are only 22 footballers in the team photo, but to run two senior sides each Saturday the whole squad must have been considerably larger.

E. Blunt  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell

P. Bosse  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell
J. Clifford  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell
R. Ellwood   -   shown previously
A. Ford  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell
W. Gormlie
K. Gunn  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell
R. King
J. Lauderdale  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell
J. McCartney
K. McCullough
J. McKinnell  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell
C. Rodger  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell
S. Russell
W. Thayne (v Cardiff City)   -   shown previously
F. Tilson

W. Cresswell (Manager)  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell

Mr. J. H. Marlow (Hon. Sec.)  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell
W. Newman (Director)  -  thanks to Trevor Cotterell

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