Sunday 18 October 2015

Panini - (PAP-17) Football 81


(PAP-17) Football 81
558 stickers

This collection was also available in a number of other countries including South Africa (Alba Publications), Canada (Euro Canada Candy Ltd.) and the Republic of Ireland (Minicards Ltd.)

1.  Terry McDermott (Liverpool)

2.  Davie Provan (Glasgow Celtic)
3.  Badge (Arsenal)
4.  Team Photo (Arsenal)
5.  Team Photo (Arsenal)
6.  Terry Neill (Arsenal)
7.  Pat Jennings (Arsenal)
8.  Pat Rice (Arsenal)
9.  David O'Leary (Arsenal)
10.  Willie Young (Arsenal)
11.  Kenny Sansom (Arsenal)
12.  John Devine (Arsenal)
13.  Brian Talbot (Arsenal)
14.  Paul Price (Arsenal)
15.  Graham Rix (Arsenal)
16.  John Hollins (Arsenal)
17.  Frank Stapleton (Arsenal)
18.  Alan Sunderland (Arsenal)
19.  Badge (Aston Villa)
20.  Team Photo (Aston Villa)
21.  Team Photo (Aston Villa)
22.  Ron Saunders (Aston Villa)
23.  Jimmy Rimmer (Aston Villa)
24.  Kenny Swain (Aston Villa)
25.  Ken McNaught (Aston Villa)
26.  Colin Gibson (Aston Villa)
27.  Allan Evans (Aston Villa)
28.  Dennis Mortimer (Aston Villa)
29.  Gordon Cowans (Aston Villa)
30.  Des Bremner (Aston Villa)
31.  Brian Little (Aston Villa)
32.  Peter Withe (Aston Villa)
33.  Gary Shaw (Aston Villa)
34.  Tony Morley (Aston Villa)
35.  Badge (Birmingham City)
36.  Team Photo (Birmingham City)
37.  Team Photo (Birmingham City)
38.  Jim Smith (Birmingham City)
39.  Jeff Wealands (Birmingham City)
40.  Colin Todd (Birmingham City)
41.  David Langan (Birmingham City)
42.  Mark Dennis (Birmingham City)
43.  Joe Gallagher (Birmingham City)
44.  Kevin Broadhurst (Birmingham City)
45.  Alan Curbishley (Birmingham City)
46.  Archie Gemmill (Birmingham City)
47.  Kevin Dillon (Birmingham City)
48.  Alan Ainscow (Birmingham City)
49.  Keith Bertschin (Birmingham City)
50.  Frank Worthington (Birmingham City)
51.  Badge (Brighton & Hove Albion)
52.  Team Photo (Brighton & Hove Albion)
53.  Team Photo (Brighton & Hove Albion)
54.  Alan Mullery (Brighton & Hove Albion)
55.  Graham Moseley (Brighton & Hove Albion)
56.  John Gregory (Brighton & Hove Albion)
57.  Peter Suddaby (Brighton & Hove Albion)
58.  Steve Foster (Brighton & Hove Albion)
59.  Gary Williams (Brighton & Hove Albion)
60.  Brian Horton (Brighton & Hove Albion)
61.  Neil McNab (Brighton & Hove Albion)
62.  Mark Lawrenson (Brighton & Hove Albion)
63.  Gordon Smith (Brighton & Hove Albion)
64.  Peter Ward (Brighton & Hove Albion)
65.  Peter Sayer (Brighton & Hove Albion)
66.  Michael Robinson (Brighton & Hove Albion)
67.  Badge (Coventry City)
68.  Team Photo (Coventry City)
69.  Team Photo (Coventry City)
70.  Gordon Milne (Coventry City)
71.  Jim Blyth (Coventry City)
72.  Mick Coop (Coventry City)
73.  Bobby McDonald (Coventry City)
74.  Paul Dyson (Coventry City)
75.  Gary Gillespie (Coventry City)
76.  Andy Blair (Coventry City)
77.  Ray Gooding (Coventry City)
78.  Gerry Daly (Coventry City)
79.  Roger van Gool (Coventry City)
80.  Garry Thompson (Coventry City)
81.  Steve Hunt (Coventry City)
82.  Tom English (Coventry City)
83.  Badge (Crystal Palace)
84.  Team Photo (Crystal Palace)
85.  Team Photo (Crystal Palace)
86.  Terry Venables (Crystal Palace)
87.  Paul Barron (Crystal Palace)
88.  Paul Hinshelwood (Crystal Palace)
89.  Jim Cannon (Crystal Palace)
90.  Billy Gilbert (Crystal Palace)
91.  Terry Fenwick (Crystal Palace)
92.  Peter Nicholas (Crystal Palace)
93.  Gerry Francis (Crystal Palace)
94.  Jerry Murphy (Crystal Palace)
95.  Vince Hilaire (Crystal Palace)
96.  Mike Flanagan (Crystal Palace)
97.  Clive Allen (Crystal Palace)
98.  Neil Smillie (Crystal Palace)
99.  Badge (Everton)
100.  Team Photo (Everton)
101.  Team Photo (Everton)
102.  Gordon Lee (Everton)
103.  Jim McDonagh (Everton)
104.  John Gidman (Everton)
105.  Mike Lyons (Everton)
106.  Billy Wright (Everton)
107.  Mark Higgins (Everton)
108.  John Bailey (Everton)
109.  Andy King (Everton)
110.  Asa Hartford (Everton)
111.  Gary Stanley (Everton)
112.  Gary Megson (Everton)
113.  Bob Latchford (Everton)
114.  Peter Eastoe (Everton)
115.  Badge (Ipswich Town)
116.  Team Photo (Ipswich Town)
117.  Team Photo (Ipswich Town)
118.  Bobby Robson (Ipswich Town)
119.  Paul Cooper (Ipswich Town)
120.  George Burley (Ipswich Town)
121.  Russell Osman (Ipswich Town)
122.  Terry Butcher (Ipswich Town)
123.  Mick Mills (Ipswich Town)
124.  Franz Thijssen (Ipswich Town)
125.  John Wark (Ipswich Town)
126.  Arnold Muhren (Ipswich Town)
127.  Eric Gates (Ipswich Town)
128.  Alan Brazil (Ipswich Town)
129.  Paul Mariner (Ipswich Town)
130.  Kevin O'Callaghan (Ipswich Town)
131.  Badge (Leeds United)
132.  Team Photo (Leeds United)
133.  Team Photo (Leeds United)
134.  Allan Clarke (Leeds United)
135.  John Lukic (Leeds United)
136.  Byron Stevenson (Leeds United)
137.  Paul Hart (Leeds United)
138.  Paul Madeley (Leeds United)
139.  Trevor Cherry (Leeds United)
140.  Kevin Hird (Leeds United)
141.  Alex Sabella (Leeds United)
142.  Brian Flynn (Leeds United)
143.  George Graham (Leeds United)
144.  Alan Curtis (Leeds United)
145.  Derek Parlane (Leeds United)
146.  Carl Harris (Leeds United)
147.  Badge (Leicester City)
148.  Team Photo (Leicester City)
149.  Team Photo (Leicester City)
150.  Jock Wallace (Leicester City)
151.  Mark Wallington (Leicester City)
152.  Tommy Williams (Leicester City)
153.  Larry May (Leicester City)
154.  John O'Neill (Leicester City)
155.  Geoff Scott (Leicester City)
156.  Pat Byrne (Leicester City)
157.  Paul Edmunds (Leicester City)
158.  Ian Wilson (Leicester City)
159.  Andy Peake (Leicester City)
160.  Alan Young (Leicester City)
161.  Bobby Smith (Leicester City)
162.  Jim Melrose (Leicester City)
163.  Badge (Liverpool)
164.  Team Photo (Liverpool)
165.  Team Photo (Liverpool)
166.  (Liverpool)
167.  Ray Clemence (Liverpool)
168.  Phil Neal (Liverpool)
169.  Alan Hansen (Liverpool)
170.  Phil Thompson (Liverpool)
171.  Richard Money (Liverpool)
172.  Alan Kennedy (Liverpool)
173.  Jimmy Case (Liverpool)
174.  Terry McDermott (Liverpool)
175.  Graeme Souness (Liverpool)
176.  Ray Kennedy (Liverpool)
177.  David Johnson (Liverpool)
178.  Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool)
179.  Badge (Manchester City)
180.  Team Photo (Manchester City)
181.  Team Photo (Manchester City)
182.  Malcolm Allison (Manchester City)
183.  Joe Corrigan (Manchester City)
184.  Ray Ranson (Manchester City)
185.  Tommy Caton (Manchester City)
186.  Dragoslav Stepanovic (Manchester City)
187.  Peter Reid (Manchester City)
188.  Tommy Booth (Manchester City)
189.  Steve Daley (Manchester City)
190.  Paul Power (Manchester City)
191.  Kazimierz Deyna (Manchester City)
192.  Steve MacKenzie (Manchester City)
193.  Dennis Tueart (Manchester City)
194.  Kevin Reeves (Manchester City)
195.  Badge (Manchester United)
196.  Team Photo (Manchester United)
197.  Team Photo (Manchester United)
198.  Dave Sexton (Manchester United)
199.  Gary Bailey (Manchester United)
200.  Jimmy Nicholl (Manchester United)
201.  Gordon McQueen (Manchester United)
202.  Martin Buchan (Manchester United)
203.  Arthur Albiston (Manchester United)
204.  Mickey Thomas (Manchester United)
205.  Ray Wilkins (Manchester United)
206.  Lou Macari (Manchester United)
207.  Sammy McIlroy (Manchester United)
208.  Steve Coppell (Manchester United)
209.  Joe Jordan (Manchester United)
210.  Jimmy Greenhoff (Manchester United)
211.  Badge (Middlesbrough)
212.  Team Photo (Middlesbrough)
213.  Team Photo (Middlesbrough)
214.  John Neal (Middlesbrough)
215.  Jim Platt (Middlesbrough)
216.  John Craggs (Middlesbrough)
217.  Ian Bailey (Middlesbrough)
218.  Irving Nattrass (Middlesbrough)
219.  Billy Ashcroft (Middlesbrough)
220.  Tony McAndrew (Middlesbrough)
221.  Craig Johnston (Middlesbrough)
222.  Mark Proctor (Middlesbrough)
223.  David Armstrong (Middlesbrough)
224.  Micky Burns (Middlesbrough)
225.  David Hodgson (Middlesbrough)
226.  Terry Cochrane (Middlesbrough)
227.  Badge (Norwich City)
228.  Team Photo (Norwich City)
229.  Team Photo (Norwich City)
230.  John Bond (Norwich City)
231.  Roger Hansbury (Norwich City)
232.  Kevin Bond (Norwich City)
233.  Tony Powell (Norwich City)
234.  John McDowell (Norwich City)
235.  Greg Downs (Norwich City)
236.  Mick McGuire (Norwich City)
237.  Graham Paddon (Norwich City)
238.  Peter Mendham (Norwich City)
239.  Justin Fashanu (Norwich City)
240.  Joe Royle (Norwich City)
241.  Keith Robson (Norwich City)
242.  Clive Woods (Norwich City)
243.  Badge (Nottingham Forest) 
244.  Team Photo (Nottingham Forest)
245.  Team Photo (Nottingham Forest)
246.  (Nottingham Forest)
247.  Peter Shilton (Nottingham Forest)
248.  Viv Anderson (Nottingham Forest)
249.  Larry Lloyd (Nottingham Forest)
250.  Kenny Burns (Nottingham Forest)
251.  Frank Gray (Nottingham Forest)
252.  John McGovern (Nottingham Forest)
253.  Martin O'Neill (Nottingham Forest)
254.  Ian Bowyer (Nottingham Forest)
255.  Raimondo Ponte (Nottingham Forest)
256.  Gary Birtles (Nottingham Forest)
257.  John Robertson (Nottingham Forest)
258.  Ian Wallace (Nottingham Forest)
259.  Badge (Southampton)
260.  Team Photo (Southampton)
261.  Team Photo (Southampton)
262.  Lawrie McMenemy (Southampton)
263.  Peter Wells (Southampton)
264.  Ivan Golac (Southampton)
265.  Chris Nicholl (Southampton)
266.  Dave Watson (Southampton)
267.  Malcolm Waldron (Southampton)
268.  Steve Williams (Southampton)
269.  Graham Baker (Southampton)
270.  Kevin Keegan (Southampton)
271.  Nick Holmes (Southampton)
272.  Phil Boyer (Southampton)
273.  Charlie George (Southampton)
274.  Mike Channon (Southampton)
275.  Badge (Stoke City)
276.  Team Photo (Stoke City)
277.  Team Photo (Stoke City)
278.  Alan Durban (Stoke City)
279.  Peter Fox (Stoke City)
280.  Ray Evans (Stoke City)
281.  Mike Doyle (Stoke City)
282.  Denis Smith (Stoke City)
283.  Alan Dodd (Stoke City)
284.  Paul Johnson (Stoke City)
285.  Paul Richardson (Stoke City)
286.  Sammy Irvine (Stoke City)
287.  Adrian Heath (Stoke City)
288.  Brendan O'Callaghan (Stoke City)
289.  Paul Bracewell (Stoke City)
290.  Lee Chapman (Stoke City)
291.  Badge (Sunderland)
292.  Team Photo (Sunderland)
293.  Team Photo (Sunderland)
294.  Ken Knighton (Sunderland)
295.  Chris Turner (Sunderland)
296.  Steve Whitworth (Sunderland)
297.  Joe Hinnigan (Sunderland)
298.  Bob Hindmarch (Sunderland)
299.  Sam Allardyce (Sunderland)
300.  Shaun Elliott (Sunderland)
301.  Mike Buckley (Sunderland)
302.  Claudio Marangoni (Sunderland)
303.  Kevin Arnott (Sunderland)
304.  Stan Cummins (Sunderland)
305.  Bryan Robson (Sunderland)
306.  John Hawley (Sunderland)
307.  Badge (Tottenham Hotspur)
308.  Team Photo (Tottenham Hotspur)
309.  Team Photo (Tottenham Hotspur)
310.  Keith Burtinshaw (Tottenham Hotspur)
311.  Barry Daines (Tottenham Hotspur)
312.  Chris Hughton (Tottenham Hotspur)
313.  Paul Miller (Tottenham Hotspur)
314.  John Lacy (Tottenham Hotspur)
315.  Gordon Smith (Tottenham Hotspur)
316.  Steve Perryman (Tottenham Hotspur)
317.  Ossie Ardiles (Tottenham Hotspur)
318.  Ricardo Villa (Tottenham Hotspur)
319.  Terry Yorath (Tottenham Hotspur)
320.  Glenn Hoddle (Tottenham Hotspur)
321.  Steve Archibald (Tottenham Hotspur)
322.  Garth Crooks (Tottenham Hotspur)
323.  Badge (West Bromwich Albion)
324.  Team Photo (West Bromwich Albion)
325.  Team Photo (West Bromwich Albion)
326.  Ron Atkinson (West Bromwich Albion)
327.  Tony Godden (West Bromwich Albion)
328.  Brendan Batson (West Bromwich Albion)
329.  John Wile (West Bromwich Albion)
330.  Garry Pendrey (West Bromwich Albion)
331.  Alistair Robertson (West Bromwich Albion)
332.  Derek Statham (West Bromwich Albion)
333.  Remi Moses (West Bromwich Albion)
334.  Gary Owen (West Bromwich Albion)
335.  Bryan Robson (West Bromwich Albion)
336.  John Deehan (West Bromwich Albion)
337.  Cyrille Regis (West Bromwich Albion)
338.  Peter Barnes (West Bromwich Albion)
339.  Badge (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
340.  Team Photo (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
341.  Team Photo (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
342.  John Barnwell (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
343.  Paul Bradshaw (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
344.  Geoff Palmer (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
345.  George Berry (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
346.  Emlyn Hughes (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
347.  Derek Parkin (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
348.  Rafael Villazan (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
349.  Willie Carr (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
350.  Peter Daniel (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
351.  Kenny Hibbitt (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
352.  Mel Eves (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
353.  Andy Gray (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
354.  John Richards (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
355.  Alan Devonshire & Willie Young (Cup Final Action)
356.  Alan Devonshire & Willie Young (Cup Final Action)
357.  West Ham United team photo (Cup Final Action)
358.  West Ham United team photo (Cup Final Action)
359.  West Ham United team photo (Cup Final Action)
360.  West Ham United team photo (Cup Final Action)
361.  David Cross & Pat Rice (Cup Final Action)
362.  Liam Brady (Cup Final Action)
363.  Liam Brady (Cup Final Action)
364.  Paul Allen & Liam Brady (Cup Final Action)
365.  Badge (Blackburn Rovers)
366.  Team Photo (Blackburn Rovers)
367.  Team Photo (Blackburn Rovers)
368.  Badge (Bolton Wanderers)
369.  Team Photo (Bolton Wanderers)
370.  Team Photo (Bolton Wanderers)
371.  Badge (Bristol City)
372.  Team Photo (Bristol City)
373.  Team Photo (Bristol City)
374.  Badge (Bristol Rovers)
375.  Team Photo (Bristol Rovers)
376.  Team Photo (Bristol Rovers)
377.  Badge (Cambridge United)
378.  Team Photo (Cambridge United)
379.  Team Photo (Cambridge United)
380.  Badge (Cardiff City)
381.  Team Photo (Cardiff City)
382.  Team Photo (Cardiff City)
383.  Badge (Chelsea)
384.  Team Photo (Chelsea)
385.  Team Photo (Chelsea)
386.  Badge (Derby County)
387.  Team Photo (Derby County)
388.  Team Photo (Derby County )
389.  Badge (Grimsby Town)
390.  Team Photo (Grimsby Town)
391.  Team Photo (Grimsby Town)
392.  Badge (Luton Town)
393.  Team Photo (Luton Town)
394.  Team Photo (Luton Town)
395.  Badge (Newcastle United)
396.  Team Photo (Newcastle United)
397.  Team Photo (Newcastle United)
398.  Badge (Notts County)
399.  Team Photo (Notts County)
400.  Team Photo (Notts County)
401.  Badge (Oldham Athletic)
402.  Team Photo (Oldham Athletic)
403.  Team Photo (Oldham Athletic)
404.  Badge (Orient)
405.  Team Photo (Orient)
406.  Team Photo (Orient)
407.  Badge (Preston North End)
408.  Team Photo (Preston North End)
409.  Team Photo (Preston North End)
410.  Badge (Queens Park Rangers)
411.  Team Photo (Queens Park Rangers)
412.  Team Photo (Queens Park Rangers)
413.  Badge (Sheffield Wednesday)
414.  Team Photo (Sheffield Wednesday)
415.  Team Photo (Sheffield Wednesday)
416.  Badge (Shrewsbury Town)
417.  Team Photo (Shrewsbury Town)
418.  Team Photo (Shrewsbury Town)
419.  Badge (Swansea City)
420.  Team Photo (Swansea City)
421.  Team Photo (Swansea City)
422.  Badge (Watford)
423.  Team Photo (Watford)
424.  Team Photo (Watford)
425.  Badge (West Ham United)
426.  Team Photo (West Ham United)
427.  Team Photo (West Ham United)
428.  Badge (Wrexham)
429.  Team Photo (Wrexham)
430.  Team Photo (Wrexham)
431.  Team Photo (Barnsley)
432.  Team Photo (Blackpool)
433.  Team Photo (Brentford)
434.  Team Photo (Burnley)
435.  Team Photo (Carlisle United)
436.  Team Photo (Charlton Athletic)
437.  Team Photo (Chester)
438.  Team Photo (Chesterfield)
439.  Team Photo (Colchester United)
440.  Team Photo (Exeter City)
441.  Team Photo (Fulham)
442.  Team Photo (Gillingham)
443.  Team Photo (Huddersfield Town)
444.  Team Photo (Hull City)
445.  Team Photo (Millwall)
446.  Team Photo (Newport County)
447.  Team Photo (Oxford United)
448.  Team Photo (Plymouth Argyle)
449.  Team Photo (Portsmouth)
450.  Team Photo (Reading)
451.  Team Photo (Rotherham United)
452.  Team Photo (Sheffield United)
453.  Team Photo (Swindon Town)
454.  Team Photo (Walsall)
455.  Badge (Aberdeen)
456.  Team Photo (Aberdeen)
458A.  Alex Ferguson (Aberdeen)
458B.  Jim Leighton (Aberdeen)
459A.  Alex McLeish (Aberdeen)
459B.  Stuart Kennedv (Aberdeen)
460A.  Doug Rougvie (Aberdeen)
460B.  Willie Miller (Arberdeen)
461A.  Gordon Strachan (Aberdeen)
461B.  Andy Watson (Aberdeen)
462A.  John McMaster (Aberdeen)
462B.  Drew Jarvie (Aberdeen)
463A.  John Hewitt (Aberdeen)
463B.  Ian Scanlon (Aberdeen)
464.  Badge (Airdrieonians)
465.  Team Photo (Airdrieonians)
466.  Team Photo (Airdrieonians)
467A.  Ernie McGarr (Airdrieonians)
467B.  Bobby Watson (Airdrieonians)
468A.  Jim Rodger (Airdrieonians)
468B.  Henry Irwin (Airdrieonians)
469A.  Gordon Hamilton (Airdrieonians)
469B.  Norrie Anderson (Airdrieonians)
470A.  Tommy Walker (Airdrieonians)
470B.  John McVeigh (Airdrieonians)
471A.  Sandy Clark (Airdrieonians)
471B.  Jim March (Airdrieonians)
472A.  Bobby Russell (Airdrieonians)
472B.  Willie McGuire (Airdrieonians)
473.  Badge (Glasgow Celtic)
474.  Team Photo (Glasgow Celtic)
475.  Team Photo (Glasgow Celtic)
476A.  Peter Latchford (Glasgow Celtic)
476B.  Billy McNeill (Glasgow Celtic)
477A.  Danny McGrain (Glasgow Celtic)
477B.  Alan Sneddon (Glasgow Celtic)
478A.  Roddie McDonald (Glasgow Celtic)
478B.  Roy Aitken (Glasgow Celtic)
479A.  Dominic Sullivan (Glasgow Celtic)
479B.  George McCluskey (Glasgow Celtic)
480A.  Tommy Burns (Glasgow Celtic)
480B.  Murdo MacLeod (Glasgow Celtic)
481A.  Frank McGarvey (Glasgow Celtic)
481B.  Danny Provan (Glasgow Celtic)
482.  Badge (Dundee United)
483.  Team Photo (Dundee United)
484.  Team Photo (Dundee United)
485A.  Jim McLean (Dundee United)
485B.  Hamish McAlpine (Dundee United)
486A.  Iain Phillip (Dundee United)
486B.  Frank Kopel (Dundee United)
487A.  Derek Stark (Dundee United)
487B.  David Narey (Dundee United)
488A.  Eamonn Bannon (Dundee United)
489B.  Paul Hegarty (Dundee United)
489A.  Derek Addison (Dundee United)
489B.  Graeme Payne (Dundee United)
490A.  Willie Pettigrew (Dundee United)
490B.  Paul Sturrock (Dundee United)
491.  Badge (Heart of Midlothian)
492.  Team Photo (Heart of Midlothian)
493.  Team Photo (Heart of Midlothian)
494A.  Bobby Moncur (Heart of Midlothian)
494B.  John Brough (Heart of Midlothian)
495A.  Frank Liddell (Heart of Midlothian)
495B.  Walter Kidd (Heart of Midlothian)
496A.  Jim Jefferies (Heart of Midlothian)
496B.  Jim Denny (Heart of Midlothian)
497A.  Alfie Conn (Heart of Midlothian)
497B.  Crawford Boyd (Heart of Midlothian)
498A.  Cammy Fraser (Heart of Midlothian)
498B.  Malcolm Robertson (Heart of Midlothian)
499A.  Chris Robertson (Heart of Midlothian)
499B.  Willie Gibson (Heart of Midlothian)
500.  Badge (Kilmarnock)
501.  Team Photo (Kilmarnock)
502.  Team Photo (Kilmarnock)
503A.  Dave Sneddon (Kilmarnock)
503B.  Alan McCulloch (Kilmarnock)
504A.  Alan Robertson (Kilmarnock)
504B.  Stewart McLean (Kilmarnock)
505A.  Paul Clarke (Kilmarnock)
505B.  Derrick McDicken (Kilmarnock)
506A.  Gordon Crammond (Kilmarnock)
506B.  Ian Gibson (Kilmarnock)
507A.  Jim Clark (Kilmarnock)
507B.  Bobby Houston (Kilmarnock)
508A.  Bobby Street (Kilmarnock)
508B.  Joe Cairney (Kilmarnock)
509.  Badge (Greenock Morton)
510.  Team Photo (Greenock Morton)
511.  Team Photo (Greenock Morton)
512A.  Benny Rooney (Greenock Morton)
512B.  Roy Baines (Greenock Morton)
513A.  Neil Orr (Greenock Morton)
513B.  Jim Miller (Greenock Morton)
514A.  Jim Holmes (Greenock Morton)
514B.  Joe McLaughlin (Greenock Morton)
515A.  David Hayes (Greenock Morton)
515B.  John McNeil (Greenock Morton)
516A.  Jim Tolmie (Greenock Morton)
516B.  Bobby Thomson (Greenock Morton)
517A.  Roddie Hutchison (Greenock Morton)
517B.  Andy Ritchie (Greenock Morton)
518.  Badge (Partick Thistle)
519.  Team Photo (Partick Thistle)
520.  Team Photo (Partick Thistle)
521A.  Bertie Auld (Partick Thistle)
521B.  Alan Rough (Partick Thistle)
522A.  David McKinnon (Partick Thistle)
522B.  Frank Welsh (Partick Thistle)
523A.  Jackie Campbell (Partick Thistle)
523B.  John Lapsley (Partick Thistle)
524A.  Tony Higgins (Partick Thistle)
524B.  Ian Jardine (Partick Thistle)
525A.  Jamie Doyle (Partick Thistle)
525B.  John Murray (Partick Thistle)
526A.  Donald Park (Partick Thistle)
526B.  Ian McDonald (Partick Thistle)
527.  Badge (Glasgow Rangers)
528.  Team Photo (Glasgow Rangers)
529.  Team Photo (Glasgow Rangers)
530A.  John Greig (Glasgow Rangers)
530B.  Peter McCloy (Glasgow Rangers)
531A.  Sandy Jardine (Glasgow Rangers)
531B.  Ally Dawson (Glasgow Rangers)
532A.  Tom Forsyth (Glasgow Rangers)
532B.  Bobby Russell (Glasgow Rangers)
533A.  Ian Redford (Glasgow Rangers)
533B.  Tom McLean (Glasgow Rangers)
534A.  John MacDonald (Glasgow Rangers)
534B.  Davie Cooper (Glasgow Rangers)
535A.  Derek Johnstone (Glasgow Rangers)
535B.  Colin McAdam (Glasgow Rangers)
536.  Badge (St. Mirren)
537.  Team Photo (St. Mirren)
538.  Team Photo (St. Mirren)
539A.  Jim Clunie (St. Mirren)
539B.  Billy Thomson (St. Mirren)
540A.  Mark Fulton (St. Mirren)
540B.  Jackie Copland (St. Mirren)
541A.  Billy Stark (St. Mirren)
541B.  Frank McDougall (St. Mirren)
542A.  Lex Richardson (St. Mirren)
542B.  Billy Abercombie (St. Mirren)
543A.  Peter Weir (St. Mirren)
543B.  Doug Sonnner (St. Mirren)
544A.  Alan Logan (St. Mirren)
544B.  Jimmy Bone (St. Mirren)
545.  Team Photo (Ayr United)
546.  Team Photo (Berwick Rangers)
547.  Team Photo (Clydebank)
548.  Team Photo (Dumbarton)
549.  Team Photo (Dundee)
550.  Team Photo (Dunfermline Athletic)
551.  Team Photo (East Stirling)
552.  Team Photo (Falkirk)
553.  Team Photo (Hamilton Academicals)
554.  Team Photo (Hibernian)
555.  Team Photo (Motherwell)
556.  Team Photo (Raith Rovers)
557.  Team Photo (St. Johnstone)
558.  Team Photo (Stirling Albion)

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