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Kiddy's Favourites (Anonymous) - (KID-040aa/ab/ba/bb / ZB9-25A/B) Football Stars (02) - Proofs

(KID-040aa/ab/ba/bb / ZB9-25A/B) Football Stars - Proofs
Kiddy's Favourites (Anonymous)
52 cards

Middlesbrough collectors look away now.
Carl at has sent me some scans of some very rare and unusual cards...
I have some very unusual images of those anonymous (Kiddy's Favourites) red stars 1946/7 Football Stars cards for you... but these are unlike any I have seen before now.
There are two sorts: 1 card with straight edges, widely cut; 3 cards with crinkly edges, die-cut types.
As we know, Kiddy's Favourites cards do sometimes come die-cut but I have never seen this type before now. One of these is an unrecorded player, Linwood as a Middlesbrough player, rather than Hibs, as he is more commonly seen. (He was at Middlesbrough for the 1946-47 season, moving to Hibernian for the 1947-48 season - Alan). I do believe this is the first instance of these cards being recorded. All these cards have different letterpress settings, sizes and placement of text to the other red stars Football Stars I have.
The cards are gems from the collection of the late John Allen. There is a note in his archive saying, "never sell these, Don Mayne says they are proofs, unique".
The original checklist can be found here - Kiddy's Favourites (Anonymous) - (KID-040aa/ab/ba/bb / ZB9-25A/B) Football Stars.

(KID-040aa/ab/ba/bb / ZB9-25A/B) Football Stars - Proofs - Version 1

109.  Linwood (Middlesbrough)
113.  Hardwick (Middlesboro - sic)
120.  Mannion (Middlesbrough)

(KID-040aa/ab/ba/bb / ZB9-25A/B) Football Stars - Proofs - Version 1

120.  Mannion (Middlesbrough)

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