Tuesday 20 October 2015

Arbeshi Reproductions / George Keeling Caricatures - (ARB-020-3/APQ-1) Footballer Caricatures

(ARB-020-1/APQ-1) Footballer Caricatures
Arbeshi Reproductions / George Keeling Caricatures
96 cards (12 x 8)

Another collection of large postcards with the artwork drawn by George Keeling. The first set was a collection of 24 numbered cards issued for the 1972 F.A. Cup Final, 12 each for Arsenal and Leeds United. The cards have a border around the footballer, as can be seen here - Arbeshi Reproductions / George Keeling Caricatures - (ARB-020-2/APQ-1) 1972 F.A. Cup Final (Arsenal v Leeds United). All 24 cards were issued the following year without the border around the footballers and this time the cards were not numbered. A further collection of 6 subsets, each of 12 cards was issued at the same time. The Tottenham Hotspur cards were re-issued the following year when Arbeshi Productions also brought out a set of 12 Norwich City cards to market all 24 cards as a commemorative set for the 1974 Football League Cup Final. More details can be found here - Arbeshi Reproductions / George Keeling Caricatures - (ARB-020-3/APQ-1) 1974 Football League Cup Final (Tottenham Hotspur v Norwich City).

(ARB-020-1/APQ-1) Footballer Caricatures - All Stars

Gordon Banks (Stoke City)

George Best (Manchester United)
Malcolm MacDonald (Newcastle United)
Colin Bell (Manchester City)
Ted MacDougall (Manchester United)
Howard Kendall (Everton)
Emlyn Hughes (Liverpool)
Rodney Marsh (Manchester City)
Geoff Blockley (Arsenal)
David Nish (Derby County)
Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
Trevor Francis (Birmingham City)

(ARB-020-1/APQ-1) Footballer Caricatures - Arsenal FC

Frank McLintock

Bob McNab
Pat Rice
Geoff Barnet / Bob McNab
Ray Kennedy
George Graham
John Radford
Alan Ball
Charlie George
George Armstrong
Peter Simpson
Peter Storey

(ARB-020-1/APQ-1) Footballer Caricatures - Chelsea FC

Chris Garland

Paddy Mulligan
Ron Harris
David Webb
Charlie Cooke
Peter Houseman
Eddie McCreadie
John Hollins
Peter Bonetti
John Dempsey
Peter Osgood
Alan Hudson

(ARB-020-1/APQ-1) Footballer Caricatures - Leeds United FC

Billy Bremner

David Harvey
Terry Cooper
Paul Madeley
Eddie Gray
Jack Charlton
Paul Reaney
Mick Jones
Norman Hunter
Allan Clarke
Johnny Giles
Peter Lorimer

(ARB-020-1/APQ-1) Footballer Caricatures - Liverpool FC

Peter Cormack

Brian Hall
Steve Heighway
Emlyn Hughes
Kevin Keegan
Chris Lawler
Larry Lloyd
Tommy Smith
John Toshack
Ian Callaghan
Ray Clemence
Alec Lindsay

(ARB-020-1/APQ-1) Footballer Caricatures - Orient FC

Peter Bennett

Tom Walley
Gerry Queen
Derek Downing
Ricky Heppolette
Ray Goddard
Bobby Arber
Peter Allen
Paul Harris
Phil Hoadley
Ian Bowyer
Terry Brisley

(ARB-020-1/APQ-1) Footballer Caricatures - Tottenham Hotspur FC

Phil Beal

Martin Chivers
Ralph Coates
Mike England
Alan Gilzean
Pat Jennings
Joe Kinnear
Cyril Knowles
Terry Naylor
Steve Perryman
Martin Peters
John Pratt

(ARB-020-1/APQ-1) Footballer Caricatures - West Ham United FC

Billy Bonds

Bobby Moore
Clyde Best
Bryan Robson
Frank Lampard
Clive Charles
John McDowall
Dudley Tyler
Tommy Taylor
Trevor Brooking
Peter Grotier
Pat Holland

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