Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Lovells - Football Series (10)


Football Series
Lovells, Manchester & Newport
36 cards

Without checking I'm almost certain that I've shown the J. Parkinson card previously, but the other three haven't yet appeared on my blog, even though they are all included in the incomplete checklist. Only six more to identify - a checklist I've been working on since the late 1980's.

1.  Wee Jock Simpson (Blackburn Rovers)

2.  J. Parkinson (Liverpool)
4.  A. Goodard (Liverpool)
6.  W. Meredith (Manchester United)
8.  Vizard (Bolton Wanderers)
9.  Ronald Orr (Liverpool)   -   amended   -   thanks to Jim Donnelly
11.  Peter McBride (Preston North End)    -   Thanks to Matt Stevens
12.  C. Roberts (Manchester United)
13.  R. Duckworth (Manchester United)
14.  G. Wall (Manchester United)
15.  A. Robinson (Blackburn Rovers)
16.  J. Clennell (Blackburn Rovers)
17.  S. Kingsley (Preston North End)
18.  Green (Preston North End)    -   Thanks to Matt Stevens
19.  W. Matthews (Notts County)
20.  Hugh Moffat (Oldham)
21.  M'Tavish (Tottenham Hotspur)
22.  D. McLean (Sheffield United)
23.  D. Wilson (Oldham Athletic)
24.  W. P. Eadie (Manchester City)
25.  Bob Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)    -   Thanks to Matt Stevens
26.  J. Raeside (Bury)   -   Thanks to Trevor Cotterell, Matt Stevens
27.  W. Wedlock (Bristol City)    -   updated   -   Thanks to Matt Stevens
28.  A. Morris (Nottingham Forest)
29.  E. Lintoth (Bradford City)
31.  T. Kelso (Man City)
33.  Whiteside (Bolton Wanderers)    -   Thanks to Matt Stevens
34.  Smith (Fulham)    -   Thanks to Matt Stevens
35.  Smith (Manchester City)    -   updated   -   Thanks to Matt Stevens
36.  I. Thornley (Manchester City)    -   Thanks to Matt Stevens

??.  Roose (Aston Villa)

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