Sunday, 4 October 2015

Crack (Argentina) - Golazo (5)

150 cards

Richard Black has provided a few more names, with just four names missing for a complete checklist - one footballer (no. 85) and three racing drivers. The most recent complete list can be found here Crack (Argentina) - Golazo (3). Richard has also provided checklists for similar cards issued in 1966 and 1967 which will also be published here.
UPDATE (01-03-2016 18:24):  Pat Vesper has been in touch to add two more names to the checklist. Just nos. 85 and 109 missing now.

49.  Rafael Albrecht (San Lorenzo)
51.  Fernando Arean (San Lorenzo)
52.  Narciso Doval (San Lorenzo)   -   amended
53.  Roberto Telch (San Lorenzo)
54.  Victorio Casa (San Lorenzo)
96.  Carlos Cañete (Box - Boxing)
111.  Luis Di Palma (Automovilismo)
115.  Menditegui (Automovilismo)
120.  Carmelo Galbato(Automovilismo)   -   added   -   thanks to Pat Vesper
121.  Adolfo Sogolo (Automovilismo)   -   added   -   thanks to Pat Vesper
123.  Armando Rios (Automovilismo)
126.  Juan Galvez (Automovilismo)
129.  Ernesto Closas (Basquet)

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