Monday 5 October 2015

Panini - FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football (19) - CSKA Moskva

FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football ~ CSKA Moskva
856+ stickers

I have to thank Fest for supplying the complete checklist for this set of stickers. Unfortunately, I don't have any scans of the Russian stickers at the moment, so I've created this picture to use in the meantime. More information about the whole collection can be found here - Panini - FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football (05).

Q1.  Club Logo (Golden sticker)
Q2.  Igor Akinfeev
Q3.  Sergei Cherchugov
Q4.  Aleksei Berezutski
Q5.  Vasili Berezutski 
Q6.  Sergei Ignashevich
Q7.  Kirill Nababkin
Q8.  Mario Fernandes
Q9.  Georgi Shchennikov
Q10.  Victor Vasin
Q11.  Aleksandrs Cauna
Q12.  Bibars Natcho
Q13.  Igor Akinfeev (small stickers)
Q14.  Vasili Berezutski (small stickers)
Q15.  Mario Fernandes (small stickers)
Q16.  Pontus Wernbloom
Q17.  Armeitsy (Players Celebrating - part 1)
Q18.  Armeitsy (Players Celebrating - part 2)
Q19.  Roman Eremenko (Golden sticker)
Q20.  Bibars Natcho (small stickers)
Q21.  Alan Dzagoev (small stikers)
Q22.  Ahmed Musa (small stickers)
Q23.  Zoran Tošić
Q24.  Alan Dzagoev 
Q25.  Georgi Milanov
Q26.  Roman Eremenko 
Q27.  Aleksandr Golovin
Q28.  Kirill Panchenko
Q29.  Ahmed Musa
Q30.  Seydou Doumbia

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