Sunday 4 October 2015

Panini - FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football (18) - Spartak Moskva

FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football ~ Spartak Moskva
856+ stickers

An incomplete checklist for the Spartak Moskva stickers. I don't have any scans of the Russian stickers at the moment. More information about the whole collection can be found here - Panini - FIFA 365 2016 ~ The Golden World of Football (05).
UPDATE 04-10-2015 19:09):  Many thanks to Fest on for helping complete the checklist.

Q31.  Club Logo (Golden sticker)
Q32.  Artyom Rebrov
Q33.  Anton Mitryushkin
Q34.  Vladimir Granat
Q35.  Yevgeni Makeev
Q36.  Sergei Parshivlyuk
Q37.  Serdar Tasci
Q38.  Salvatore Bocchetti
Q39.  Roman Shirokov
Q40.  Kirill Kombarov
Q41.  Aleksandr Zotov
Q42.  Rômulo
Q43.  Artyom Rebrov (small stickers)
Q44.  Yevgeni Makeev (small stickers)
Q45.  Sergei Parshivlyuk (small stickers)
Q46.  Jano Ananidze
Q47.  Narodnaya komanda (Players Celebrating - part 1)
Q48.  Narodnaya komanda (Players Celebrating - part 2)
Q49.  Quincy Promes (Golden sticker)
Q50.  Dmitri Kombarov (small stickers)
Q51.  Ivelin Popov (small stickers)
Q52.  Yura Movsisyan (small stickers)
Q53.  Aras Özbiliz
Q54.  Quincy Promes
Q55.  Denis Glushakov
Q56.  Dmitri Kombarov
Q57.  Ivelin Popov
Q58.  Yura Movsisyan
Q59.  Denis Davydov
Q60.  Zé Luís

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