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West Ham United F.C. - programme inserts (04) - 1968-69

West Ham United programme inserts
West Ham United F.C.
24 inserts

I've found some more information about these inserts. There were 24 programmes issued in 1968-69 and I have information about 19 of the photo inserts. You can see further illustrations here - West Ham United F.C. - programme inserts; West Ham United F.C. - programme inserts (2); West Ham United F.C. - programme inserts (3).

17-08-1968 v Nottingham Forest.  Frank Lampard

19-08-1968 v Everton.  Trevor Brooking
26-08-1968 v Burnley.  John Sissons
31-08-1968 v West Bromwich Albion.  Team Photo 1968-69 (Standing in semi-circle)
04-09-1968 v Bolton Wanderers (Football League Cup).  ??????????
14-09-1968 v Tottenham Hotspur.  Harry Redknapp
25-09-1968 v Coventry City (Football League Cup).  ??????????
28-09-1968 v Sheffield Wednesday.  Bobby Moore
05-10-1968 v Southampton.  Geoff Hurst
19-10-1968 v Sunderland.  Martin Peters
02-11-1968 v Queens Park Rangers.  Bobby Howe
16-11-1968 v Leicester City.  Billy Bonds
30-11-1968 v Manchester City.  Alan Stephenson
14-12-1968 v Leeds United.  Bobby Ferguson
04-01-1969 v Bristol City (F.A. Cup).  ??????????
22-02-1969 v Liverpool.  ??????????
01-03-1969 v Newcastle United.  John Cushley
14-03-1969 v Coventry City.  Team Photo - Winners of the London Challenge Cup 1968-69
21-03-1969 v Ipswich Town.  David Llewellyn
24-03-1969 v Wolverhampton Wanderers.  Peter Bennett
29-03-1969 v Manchester United.  Team Photo
08-04-1969 v Stoke City.  Trevor Brooking; John Lindsay
12-04-1969 v Chelsea.  John Charles
21-04-1969 v Arsenal.  ??????????

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