Thursday, 3 September 2015

Nike - History of Nike World Headquarters


History of Nike World Headquarters
34 cards (2 football)

It seems that this set was distributed at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, but I'm not sure when. All I know is that it was after 2005, probably contains 25 cards, and they are a little larger than regular trade cards.

1.  One Bowerman Drive

2.  Steve Prefontaine (Athletics)
3.  Alberto Salazar (Athletics)
4.  John McEnroe (Tennis)
5.  Joan Benoit-Samuelson (Athletics)
6.  Michael Jordan (Basketball)
7.  Michael Johnson (Athletics)
8.  Bo Jackson (Baseball)
9.  Mike Schmidt (Baseball)
10.  Nolan Ryan (Baseball)
11.  Nissho Iwai Gardens
12.  Lance Armstrong (Cycling)
13.  Cynthia Cooper (Women's Basketball)
14.  C. Vivian Stringer (Women's Basketball)
15.  Mia Hamm
16.  Ken Griffey, Jr. (Baseball)
17.  Pete Sampras (Tennis)
18.  Jerry Rice (American Football)
19.  Tiger Woods (Golf)
20.  Ronaldo
21.  Dan Fouts (American Football)
22.  Joe Paterno (American Football)
23.  The Berm
NNO.  Bill Bowerman (Athletics)
NNO.  Phil Knight (Nike Founder)
NNO.  Nike Sport Research Lab
NNO.  The Land
NNO.  Corporate Responsibility
NNO.  The Swoosh
NNO.  The Time Capsule
NNO.  The Walkway of Fame
NNO.  Nike [Winged Goddess of Victory]
NNO.  The Kitchen
NNO.  Nike World Headquarters

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