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West Ham United F.C. - programme inserts (05) - 1968-69 (02)

West Ham United programme inserts
West Ham United F.C.
21 inserts

Steve Marsh has been in touch to provide the missing information for this checklist. He's also allowed me to pinch some of his scans to illustrate this list. To see all the inserts follow this link to Steve's website - West Ham United Football Programmes - 1968-69.

17-08-1968 v Nottingham Forest.  Frank Lampard
19-08-1968 v Everton.  Trevor Brooking
26-08-1968 v Burnley.  John Sissons
31-08-1968 v West Bromwich Albion.  Team Photo 1968-69 (Standing in semi-circle)
04-09-1968 v Bolton Wanderers (Football League Cup).  No insert
14-09-1968 v Tottenham Hotspur.  Harry Redknapp
25-09-1968 v Coventry City (Football League Cup).  No insert
28-09-1968 v Sheffield Wednesday.  Bobby Moore
05-10-1968 v Southampton.  Geoff Hurst
19-10-1968 v Sunderland.  Martin Peters
02-11-1968 v Queens Park Rangers.  Bobby Howe
16-11-1968 v Leicester City.  Billy Bonds
30-11-1968 v Manchester City.  Alan Stephenson
14-12-1968 v Leeds United.  Bobby Ferguson
04-01-1969 v Bristol City (F.A. Cup).  Brian Dear
22-02-1969 v Liverpool.  No insert
01-03-1969 v Newcastle United.  John Cushley
14-03-1969 v Coventry City.  Team Photo - Winners of the London Challenge Cup 1968-69
21-03-1969 v Ipswich Town.  David Llewellyn
24-03-1969 v Wolverhampton Wanderers.  Peter Bennett
29-03-1969 v Manchester United.  Team Photo
08-04-1969 v Stoke City.  Trevor Brooking; John Lindsay
12-04-1969 v Chelsea.  John Charles
21-04-1969 v Arsenal.  Ron Boyce

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