Thursday, 4 June 2015

Panini (Portugal) - Mega Craques 2014


Mega Craques 2014
180 cards

I've included checklists over the last week or two for most of the Mega Craques sets issued in Portugal. Unfortunately, I don't have a complete checklist for the 2014 collection, so I've just listed what I know so far.

1.  Logo (Benfica)

2.  Artur (Benfica)
3.  Sílvio (Benfica)
4.  André Almeida (Benfica)
5.  Luisão (Benfica)
6.  Garay (Benfica)
7.  Siqueira (Benfica)
8.  Fejsa (Benfica)
9.  Rúben Amorim (Benfica)

173.  Varela (Portugal)

175.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Duplas Que

???.  Josué / Jackson Martínez (Porto)

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