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Monty Gum - (ZJ12-54-7) Cup Football (World Cup 1974)


(ZJ12-54-7) Cup Football (World Cup 1974)
Monty Gum
Germany, Holland, UK
200 stickers

This collection was issued in a number of countries around Europe.
UPDATE (22-01-2021 17:46):  Claudio has provided a scan of the card originally listed as 'Maric' but actually shows three Yugoslavian players.

Bargas (Argentina)

Brindisi (Argentina)
Carnevali (Argentina)
Chazareka (Argentina)
Galvan (Argentina)
Heredna (Argentina)
Pernia (Argentina)
Rosl (Argentina)
Taaliani (Argentina)
Team Photo (Argentina)
Tronscoso (Argentina)
Wolff (Argentina)

Alston (Australia)

Fraser (Australia)
Mackay (Australia)
Richards (Australia)
Rooney (Australia)
Team Photo (Australia)
Tolsow (Australia)
Utejesenovic (Australia)
Walkiss (Australia)
Warren (Australia)
Williams (Australia)
Wilson (Australia)

Amarildo (Brazil)

Cesar (Brazil)
Dario (Brazil)
Jairzinho (Brazil)
Leivinha (Brazil)
Manfrini (Brazil)
Marco Antonion (Brazil)
Marinho (Brazil)
Rivellino (Brazil)
Team Photo (Brazil)
Ze Maria (Brazil)
Zequinha (Brazil)

Amstov (Bulgaria)

Bonev (Bulgaria)
Delmendyer (Bulgaria)
Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
Goranov (Bulgaria)
Ivkov (Bulgaria)
Jordanov (Bulgaria)
Kolev (Bulgaria)
Sokolov (Bulgaria)
Team Photo (Bulgaria)
Vassilev (Bulgaria)
Velichos (Bulgaria)

Caszely (Chile)

Crisostas (Chile)
Gonzalez (Chile)
Herrera Eduardo (Chile)
Herrera Leonel (Chile)
Neff (Chile)
Olivares (Chile)
Rodriques (Chile)
Team Photo (Chile)
Valaques (Chile)
Vallejos (Chile)
Varias (Chile)
Veliz (Chile)

Bransch (East Germany)

Croy (East Germany)
Ducke (East Germany)
Fritsche (East Germany)
Kreische (East Germany)
Lowe (East Germany)
Pommerenke (East Germany)
Sammer (East Germany)
Sparwasser (East Germany)
Streich (East Germany)
Team Photo (East Germany)

Auauste (Haiti)

Barthelemy (Haiti)
Bayonne (Haiti)
Dedir (Haiti)
Ducosse (Haiti)
Francillon (Haiti)
Janon (Haiti)
Leandre (Haiti)
Nazaire (Haiti)
St. Vrie (Haiti)
Vorbe (Haiti)
Team Photo (Haiti )

Cruyff (Holland)

Haan (Holland)
Hulshof (Holland)
Jan van Beveren (Holland)
Johan Neeskens (Holland)
Keizer (Holland)
Mulder (Holland)
Ruud Krol (Holland)
Schrijvers (Holland)
Team Photo (Holland)
Theo de Jong (Holland)
Wim Jansen (Holland)
Wim Suurbier (Holland)
Wim van Hanegem (Holland)

Albetosi (Italy)

Anastasi (Italy)
Bertini (Italy)
Burgnich (Italy)
Cera (Italy)
Domenghini (Italy)
Facchetti (Italy)
Mazzola (Italy)
Prati (Italy)
Riva (Italy)
Rivera (Italy)
Salvadore (Italy)
Team Photo (Italy)
Zoff (Italy)

Bulzacki (Poland)

Deyna (Poland)
Domarski (Poland)
Gadocka (Poland)
Gorgon (Poland)
Kalinowski (Poland)
Kapka (Poland)
Kasperczak (Poland)
Lubanski (Poland)
Maszczyk (Poland)
Team Photo (Poland)
Tomaszewski (Poland)

Bremner (Scotland)

Ford (Scotland)
Harvey (Scotland)
Hay (Scotland)
Holton (Scotland)
Hunter (Scotland)
D. Johnstone (Scotland)
Jordan (Scotland)
Law (Scotland)
Lorimer (Scotland)
McGrain (Scotland)
Morgan (Scotland)
Team Photo (Scotland)

Andersson (Sweden)

Edstom (Sweden)
Helstrom (Sweden)
Karlsson (Sweden)
Kindval (Sweden)
Larsson (Sweden)
Magnussen (Sweden)
Nordqvist (Sweden)
Ohlsson (Sweden)
Sandberg (Sweden)
Svensson (Sweden)
Tapper (Sweden)
Team Photo (Sweden)
Torstensson (Sweden)

Bertocchi (Uruguay)

Cabrera (Uruguay)
Cardaggio (Uruguay)
Cobo (Uruguay)
De Simone (Uruguay)
Esparrago (Uruguay)
Masnik (Uruguay)
Micar (Uruguay)
Moreno (Uruguay)   -   amended 12-02-2019   -   thanks to Ed
Santos (Uruguay)
Team Photo (Uruguay)
Zoryez (Uruguay)

Beckenbauer (West Germany)

Breitner (West Germany)
Flohe (West Germany)
Heynckes (West Germany)
Hoennes (West Germany)
Maier (West Germany)
Muller (West Germany)
Netzer (West Germany)
Schwarzenbeck (West Germany)
Team Photo (West Germany)
Vogts (West Germany)
Weber (West Germany)
Wimmer (West Germany)

Bogicevic (Yougoslavia)

Bulan (Yougoslavia)
Dzajic (Yougoslavia)
Dzajic - Maric- Oblak (Yougoslavia)   -   amended 12-02-2019   -   thanks to Ed; amended 22-01-2021  -  thanks to Claudio
Holcer (Yougoslavia)
Jerkovic (Yougoslavia)
Oblak (Yougoslavia)
Pavlovic (Yougoslavia)
Petkovic (Yougoslavia)
Surjak (Yougoslavia)
Team Photo (Yougoslavia)

Bungo (Zaire)

Kalanbay (Zaire)
Kidumu (Zaire)
Kilasu (Zaire)
Losild (Zaire)
Mana (Zaire)
Mayanga (Zaire)
Mukombo (Zaire)
Ndaye (Zaire)
Ngovi (Zaire)
Team Photo (Zaire)
Tshinasa (Zaire)

World Cup Trophy


  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for stickers from this album. I have lots of double to exchange.

  2. On the fourth line for Yugoslavia there are three names mentioned. I think you mean just Maric?

    1. Hi Ed,

      Yes, a poor bit of editing of my original data. Thanks for letting me know.


  3. Hi,

    In the Uruguay list you mention Micar twice. I think the second one should be Moreno.


    1. Hi Ed,

      Yes, you are right, I'll correct that now.



  4. I have quite a few of these, any idea of value? Thanks.

    1. Players life Cruyff can sell for hundreds of pounds, most players go for just £1-£2 each.

  5. where can I sell these I found 150 in the attic? greetings Benny

    1. eBay? You can check values by looking at Sold items.


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