Monday 1 June 2015

F.K.S. - (FAA-34) Soccer 81 (02) - Scoop album

(FAA-34) Soccer 81
F.K.S. / Scoop
1 album

Author Greg Lansdowne asked me recently if I knew anything about F.K.S. sticker albums being given away with Scoop in the late 70's and early 80's. We both knew about the Argentina 78 and Soccer Stars 80 albums that included reference to the fact that the albums had been included with Scoop. I then managed to find the Soccer 81 album as shown above.
Scoop was published by D.C. Thomson from 21 January, 1978 until 3 October, 1981 (issue no. 194) when it merged with Victor.
It's possible that the 1978-79 F.K.S. album - Soccer Stars 78/79 Golden Collection - might have been given free with Scoop too. Can anyone provide a scan of one with a reference to Scoop on the front cover?

Argentina 78
Soccer Stars 78/79 Golden Collection
Soccer Stars 80
Soccer 81

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