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Boys' Magazine - BPM-14.1/2 Wonder Books (02) - Football Annual 1932-33

Boys' Magazine Wonder Books
BPM-14.2 Boys' Magazine Wonder Books. New Series
BPM-14.1 The New Wonder Books
Boys' Magazine
8 (1 Football) booklets, 6 booklets, 9 (2 Football) booklets

The football booklet from the third series of booklets issued by Boys' Magazine. You'll find the complete list of all three series here - Boys' Magazine - BPM-14.1/2 Wonder Books.
UPDATE (27-11-2020 17:36):  Ken Breakey has provided images allowing me to compile a list of contents for this magazine.

BPM-14.1 The New Wonder Books

1.  Football Annual  -  issue no. 554  dated 15 October, 1932

1.  Introduction / Contents
3.  The Cup-Holders' Captain - Jimmy Nelson (Newcastle United)
4.  1932-33 - All About this season's Soccer
6.  Last Season's Honours-Winners
7.  Clubs in the News
9.  Full Page Cartoon
12.  England - International Champions
14-15.  B.M. Portrait Gallery of Famous Stars
     1.  Tom Johnson (Everton)
     2.  George Shaw and W.G. Richardson (West Bromwich Albion)
     3.  Jimmy Jackson (Liverpool)
     4.  Walter Alsford (Tottenham Hotspur)
     5.  Billy Walker (Aston Villa)
     6.  Johnnie Bestall (Grimsby Town)
     7.  Joe Bradford (Birmingham)
16.  All the Clubs' Colours
17.  Nicknames of Leading Clubs
18.  Famous Skippers
20.  Cup Winners since the War
20.  This Season's Cup Dates
21.  League Champions
21.  International Fixtures
22.  Men with the Honours - Caricature of Cliff Bastin
23.  Making Soccer History
25.  When They Were Boys

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