Monday 23 March 2015

Whiteheads Furs - (WHI-345a/b/c) Bolton Wanderers Footballers (02)

WHI-345a/b/c Bolton Wanderers Footballers
Whiteheads Furs
13 cards

Paul Briers has alerted me to the fact that some of these cards appeared on eBay a couple of months ago.
The five cards we have numbers for include four players and the trainer, which indicates that the cards were issued following Bolton Wanderers' F.A. Cup triumph in 1923 against West Ham United. I've added the names of the players that I think appear on the cards not yet listed (names in red), which coincides with how Bolton lined up that day at Wembley Stadium. As the trainer is card no. 13 I presume that card no. 12 is the manager, though it could be a non-playing reserve, as most teams included such a player for away games.

WHI-345a Bolton Wanderers Footballers - Red Series
WHI-345b Bolton Wanderers Footballers - Blue Series
WHI-345c Bolton Wanderers Footballers - Green Series

1.  Pym  ..  ..  W .. S
2.  Howarth  ..  ..  H .. T
3.  Finney
4.  Nuttall
5.  Seddon  ..  ..  E .. E
6.  Jennings
7.  Butler
8.  Jack  ..  ..  A .. d
9.  Smith, Jack
10.  Smith, Joe
11.  Vizard
12.  Settle (Manager)
13.  Eccles (Trainer)  ..  ..  r .. E

I've tried, with a little success, to decode the letters printed below each players' surname. The first line is the card number, assuming that there are 13 different cards. The second line is the top letter on the card and the third line is the bottom letter. Those coloured red are just me speculating what some the letters will be on some of the cards.

 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
 W  H  I  T  E  H  E  A  D  S  F  u  r 
 S  T  O  R  E        d              E

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