Saturday 28 March 2015

ABC Minors (Cinema) - Sports on Land

Sports on Land
ABC Minors (Cinema)
10 cards (1 football)

ABC Minors also produced one badge for each set of cards they issued. Unfortunately they chose Show Jumper Pat Smythe to represent this set. I'd like to thank the Badge Collectors Circle for allowing me to display the badge.

UPDATE (21-07-2016 08:55):  This checklist is now deemed to be complete at 10 cards, thanks to the anonymous comment left below. I am always grateful when knowledgeable collectors provide vital information. All ABC Minors sets consisted of 10 cards.

1.  Motor Racing 
2.  Speedway Racing
3.  The T.R. Races
4.  Cycle Racing
5.  Polo
6.  Show Jumping
7.  Skiing
8.  Skating
9.  Cricket
10.  Association Football (Stanley Matthews, Blackpool)

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  1. This set is only 10 cards i.e. those you have already identified. The confusion in the set numbers has come with a misinterpretation of the line under the title on the cards reverse which states (Set No. 15). This is not the number of cards but signifies the 15th set number issued by the manufacturer


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