Friday 27 March 2015

Futebao / 福特宝 (China) - China League Cards '99

China League Cards '99
Futebao / 福特宝
94 cards

I know almost nothing about this set and if it wasn't for these two players joining Everton I wouldn't have known anything at all. I'd love to complete a checklist for this set.
UPDATE (21-09-2019 09:43):  Tom Docherty has provided the name of the issuing company.
UPDATE (15-06-2023 16:06):  Marco at Actually Soccer has provided photos of the checklist.

20.  Sun Jihai / 孙继海 (
Dalian Shide / 大连实德)
41.  Li Tie / 李铁 (Liaoning F.C. / 辽宁足球俱乐部)


  1. Hello! I actually have the binder not sure it's fully complete but looks like! If we can help you let us know :)

    1. Sounds fascinating. Does the binder include a printed checklist?

    2. Not really :( It's all written in Chinese :D I might ask some Chinese friends to translate all the names ahahaaah

    3. Any chance of a scan, I could show that on my blog as a checklist.

  2. There is no checklist like in other sets. Just every card in it has completely only chinese written. I could send you some pictures if you write me your email address !

  3. oh they actually have the checklist I think! I took two pictures for you, in case you want them, just email me


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