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Upper Deck - Chinese Football League A 中国足球甲A联赛 (2001)

Chinese Football League A
Upper Deck
135 base cards

Chinese international Fan Zhiyi played a few games for Cardiff City while on loan from Crystal Palace. I tried to track down cards of his; he doesn't appear in this collection though.

Not a complete checklist, there are three Excellence cards missing. If you can help with any information about these three cards please get in touch. I believe that this is the second and last 'Chinese Football League A' collection issued by Upper Deck.
UPDATE (14-06-2020 09:12):  Nauzet Rodríguez Melián has provided information allowing me to update the base set and add the names of the teams for each of the players.
UPDATE (17-06-2020 11:34):  The three missing names in the Excellence series have been provided by Ben Li.

1.  Xu Hong (Dalian Shide)
2.  Ji Mingyi (Dalian Shide)
3.  Zhang Enhua (Dalian Shide)
4.  Sun Jihai (Dalian Shide)
5.  Wang Peng (Dalian Shide)
6.  Hao Haidong (Dalian Shide)
7.  Yan Song (Dalian Shide)
8.  Miodrag Pantelic (Dalian Shide)
9.  Adilton dos Santos (Dalian Shide)
10.  Li Ming (Dalian Shide)
11.  Yao Xia (Sichuan Quanxing)
12.  Ma Mingyu (Sichuan Quanxing)
13.  Zyu Qi (Sichuan Quanxing)
14.  Luis Bonfim Marcos (Sichuan Quanxing) - Luis Bonfim Marcos 'Lula'
15.  Wei Qun (Sichuan Quanxing)
16.  Ma Quan (Sichuan Quanxing)
17.  Shi Yongqiang (Sichuan Quanxing)
18.  Zou Yougen (Sichuan Quanxing)
19.  Gao Jianbin (Sichuan Quanxing)
20.  Li Bing (Sichuan Quanxing)
21.  Wang Anzhi (Sichuan Quanxing)
22.  Xu Yunlong (Beijing Guoan)
23.  Gao Leilei (Beijing Guoan)
24.  Nan Fang (Beijing Guoan)
25.  Wang Tao (Beijing Guoan)
26.  Shao Jiayi (Beijing Guoan)
27.  Li Dongbo (Beijing Guoan)
28.  Yang Pu (Beijing Guoan)
29.  Xue Shen (Beijing Guoan)
30.  Tao Wei (Beijing Guoan)
31.  Yao Jian (Beijing Guoan)
32.  Xu Yang (Beijing Guoan)
33.  Nikslav Bjegovic (Beijing Guoan) - Nikoslav Bjegovic
34.  Li Hongjun (Beijing Guoan)
35.  Luo Di (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
36.  Miroslav Bicanic (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
37.  Jiang Hui (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
38.  Mark Williams (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
39.  Jiang Feng (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
40.  Jaing Bin (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
41.  Milen Dimitrov Gueorguiev (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao) - Milen Georgiev
42.  Zeng Bin (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
43.  Sun Qing (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
44.  Qiu Weiguo (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
45.  Wei Xin (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
46.  Jiang Jin (Tianjin Teda)
47.  Zhang Xiaorui (Tianjin Teda)
48.  Lu Xin (Tianjin Teda)
49.  Zha Ya (Tianjin Teda)
50.  Chi Rongliang (Tianjin Teda)
51.  Yu Guang (Tianjin Teda)
52.  Sun Jianjun (Tianjin Teda)
53.  Yu Genwei (Tianjin Teda)
54.  Gao Fei (Tianjin Teda)
55.  Liu Xin (Tianjin Teda)
56.  Zhang Biao (Yunnan Hongta)
57.  Fode Camara (Yunnan Hongta)
58.  Chang Hui (Yunnan Hongta)
59.  Zhou Ting (Yunnan Hongta)
60.  Sun Xiaodong (Yunnan Hongta)
61.  Ou Chuliang (Yunnan Hongta)
62.  Li Yongzhi (Yunnan Hongta)
63.  Liu Yue (Yunnan Hongta)
64.  Fan Wei (Yunnan Hongta)
65.  Saric Dejan (Shanghai Shenhua) - Dejan Saric
66.  Shen Si (Shanghai Shenhua)
67.  Bian Jun (Shanghai Shenhua)
68.  Qi Hong (Shanghai Shenhua)
69.  Wu Chengying (Shanghai Shenhua)
70.  Liu Jun (Shanghai Shenhua)
71.  Mao Yijun (Shanghai Shenhua)
72.  Xin Feng (Shanghai Shenhua)
73.  Yu Weiliang (Shanghai Shenhua)
74.  Pang Li (Shanghai Shenhua)
75.  Zhang Yong (Shanghai Shenhua)
76.  Li Wei (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
77.  Li Weifeng (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
78.  Li Yi (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
79.  Xie Feng (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
80.  Fan Yuhong (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
81.  Abdeljalil El Hajji (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
82.  Cui Lizhi (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
83.  Wang Hongwei (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
84.  Wen Guanghui (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
85.  Peng Weiguo (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
86.  Gao Yao (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
87.  Wilberto Del Valle Casiano (Shandong Luneng Taishan) - Casiano Wilberto Delvalle Ruiz
88.  Shao Yanjie (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
89.  Song Lihui (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
90.  Shu Chang (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
91.  Wang Chao (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
92.  Jaing Yong (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
93.  Li Xiaopeng (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
94.  Su Maozhen (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
95.  Li Tie (Liaoning FC)
96.  Wang Liang (Liaoning FC)
97.  Zhao Junzhe (Liaoning FC)
98.  Qu Shengqing (Liaoning FC)
99.  Li Yao (Liaoning FC)
100.  Li Jinyu (Liaoning FC)
101.  Bai Guanghai (Liaoning FC)
102.  Xiao Zhanbo (Liaoning FC)
103.  Lu Gang (Liaoning FC)
104.  Zhang Yuning (Liaoning FC)
105.  Peng Weijun (Qingdao Etsong)
106.  Sui Yong (Qingdao Etsong)
107.  Tan Ende (Qingdao Etsong)
108.  Zhou Xin (Qingdao Etsong)
109.  Chen Gang (Qingdao Etsong)
110.  Zhang Weihua (Qingdao Etsong)
111.  Gao Ming (Qingdao Etsong)
112.  Du Bin (Qingdao Etsong)
113.  Xia Jian (Qingdao Etsong)
114.  Qu Bo (Qingdao Etsong)
115.  Qiu Zhonghui (Qingdao Etsong)
116.  Ma Yongkang (Qingdao Etsong)
117.  Xie Yuxin (Shenyang Haishi)
118.  Zhang Xiaoou (Shenyang Haishi)
119.  Min Jin (Shenyang Haishi)
120.  Chen Bo (Shenyang Haishi)
121.  Nagorniak Serguei (Shenyang Haishi) - Serguei Nagornyak / Serhiy Nahornyak
122.  Wang Guangning (Shenyang Haishi)
123.  Qu Nannan (Shenyang Haishi)
124.  Gao Feng (Shenyang Haishi)
125.  Du Ping (Shenyang Haishi)
126.  Peng Changying (Shenyang Haishi)
127.  Wang Guangwei (Yanbian Baekdu Tigers)
128.  Xuan Chunhao (Yanbian Baekdu Tigers)
129.  Zhang Qinghua (Yanbian Baekdu Tigers)
130.  Zola Kimiambi (Yanbian Baekdu Tigers) - Zola Kiniambi
131.  Wang Haibo (Xiamen FC)
132.  Zhu Guanghui (Xiamen FC)
133.  Tang Xiaocheng (Xiamen FC)
134.  Checklist
135.  Checklist

Chinese Football League A 中国足球甲A联赛 - Excellence
10 cards

E1.  Dalian Shide

E2.  Lee Jang-su (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao) - Best Coach   -   added 17-06-2020
E3.  Zhang Enhua (Dalian Shide)
E4.  Wilberto Del Valle Casiano  (Shandong Luneng Taishan) - Casiano Wilberto Delvalle Ruiz
E5.  Qu Bo (Qingdao Etsong)
E6.  Qi Hong (Shanghai Shenhua)
E7.  Shandong Luneng Taishan
E8.  Valery Nepomnyashchy (Shenyang Haishi) - Special Contribution Award   -   added 17-06-2020
E9.  Beijing Guoan
E10.  Sichuan Quanxing Shuilifang   -   added 17-06-2020

Chinese Football League A 中国足球甲A联赛 - Football Powers
11 cards

F1.  Hao Haidong (Dalian Shide)
F2.  Yao Xia (Sichuan Quanxing)
F3.  Wang Tao (Beijing Guoan)
F4.  Mark Williams (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
F5.  Jiang Jin (Tianjin Teda)
F6.  Wu Chengying (Shanghai Shenhua)
F7.  Li Weifeng (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
F8.  Wilberto Del Valle Casiano (Shandong Luneng Taishan) - Casiano Wilberto Delvalle Ruiz
F9.  Zhang Yuning (Liaoning FC)
F10.  Ma Yongkang (Qingdao Etsong)
F11.  Zhang Xiaorui (Tianjin Teda)

Chinese Football League A 中国足球甲A联赛 - Game Jersey

10 cards

ZX.  Zhang Xiaorui  (Tianjin Teda)
SS.  Shen Si (Shanghai Shenhua)
QH.  Qi Hong (Shanghai Shenhua)
LM.  Li Ming (Dalian Shide)
SM.  Su Maozhen (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
JF.  Jiang Feng (Chongqing Qianwei Huandao)
LT.  Li Tie (Liaoning FC)
LJ.  Li Jinyu (Liaoning FC)
QS.  Qu Shengqing (Liaoning FC)
SJ.  Shao Jiayi (Beijing Guoan)

Chinese Football League A 中国足球甲A联赛 - Superstars

11 cards

S1.  Jiang Jin (Tianjin Teda)
S2.  Sun Jihai (Dalian Shide)
S3.  Li Weifeng (Shenzhen Ping'an Kejian)
S4.  Shen Si (Shanghai Shenhua)
S5.  Wu Chengying (Shanghai Shenhua)
S6.  Qi Hong (Shanghai Shenhua)
S7.  Shao Jiayi (Beijing Guoan)
S8.  Li Xiaopeng (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
S9.  Su Maozhen (Shandong Luneng Taishan)
S10.  Zhang Enhua (Dalian Shide)
S11.  Hao Haidong (Dalian Shide)

Chinese Football League A 中国足球甲A联赛 - Info card

1 card

Information card

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