Friday 27 March 2015

Game (Norway) - 1996 Tippe Ligaen Fotballkort (02)

1996 Tippe Ligaen Fotballkort
200 cards

Tortsein H. Jacobsen contacted me recently about this collection. He tells me that card no. 15 has been presumed not to exist.
A note as regards card no. 15 - Knut Anders Fostervold. Other listings have stated that "this card does not exist". This is, to the best of my knowledge, to a certain extent true. This card was not included in the packs and boxes that were on sale in Norway in 1996/97. It was quite simply omitted due to some technical error.
I was able to acquire a small quantity of this card in 1996. I am now prepared to sell these cards to collectors who wish to complete their sets.
If anyone is interested in completing their collection you can contact me by e-mail:

015.  Knut Anders Fostervold (Molde FK)

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