Friday, 20 March 2015

Trumpfschokoladefabrik - Durch Alle Welt ~ Album B ~ Serie 10 ~ Fußball-Kampfbilder

Durch Alle Welt ~ Album B ~ Serie 10 ~ Fußball-Kampfbilder
6 cards

Ian Sammel has very kindly sent in scans of the six cards that make up a sub-set called Fussball-Kampfbilder. The Durch Alle Welt collection runs to three albums - A, B and C. Each album includes 20 subsets (C has 21), each made up of six cards.
There is one other football card throughout this collection, with a card in Album C showing a scene from an unidentified game.

Durch Alle Welt ~ Album B ~ Serie 10 ~ Fußball-Kampfbilder

1.  Deutschland's Hofmann in Aktion

2.  Hertha BSC Berlin - Tennis Borussia Berlin 5:2
3.  Lechler (Bayern Munchen) Ehmer (Eintracht Frankfurt)
4.  Tennis Borussia Berlin - Aldershofer B.C. 2:1
5.  Eintracht Frankfurt - Hertha BSC 4:2
6.  Pankow-Minerva

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