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John Allen Cards - Blue is the Colour

Blue is the Colour
John Allen Cards
25 cards

In 1997 John Allen reprinted pages from the Champion Album of Famous Footballers' Autographs and Photographs booklet issued by The Champion in 1937 as individual cards. A few years ago Quess Cards used photos of some of the players to create individual cards in a series called Football Stars 1936.

England's Centre-Forward
S.F. Tilson (Manchester City)

Popular Captains
J. McIlwane (Southampton)
Alex. James (Arsenal)

Brilliant Right-Backs
G.E. Shaw (West Bromwich Albion)
F. Channell (Tottenham Hotspur)

Hot-Stuff Left-Halves
W. Kingdon (Aston Villa)
E. Keen (Derby County) 
J. McClelland (Bradford)
S. Weaver (Newcastle United)

Scottish Internationals
J. Dealney (Celtic)
A. Massie (Aston Villa)
G. Brown (Rangers)

Crack Inside-Lefts
F. O'Donnell (Preston North End)
J.F. Easson (Portsmouth)
J.N. Cunliffe (Everton)
H. Houghton (Bristol Rovers)

Arsenal "Big Gunners"
W.J. Crayston (Arsenal)
E.R. Bowden (Arsenal)
G. Male (Arsenal)

Expert Defenders
W.G. Roughton (Huddersfield Town)
W. Milne (Swansea Town)
H. Trentham (West Bromwich Albion)

Welsh Internationals
L. Jones (Coventry City)
T.P. Griffiths (Aston Villa)
R. John (Sheffield United)

Celebrated Centre-Forwards
A. Lythgoe (Huddersfield Town) 
D. Wilson (West Ham United)
N. Dewar (Sheffield Wednesday)
W.J. Harthill (Everton)

Touchline Flyers
R. Spence (Chelsea)
J. Milne (Arsenal)
E. Toseland (Manchester City)

Noted 'Keepers
R.A. Scott (Burnley)
J. Gilfillan (Portsmouth)
H. Holdcroft (Preston North End)

Super Centre-Halves
A. Rowe (Tottenham Hotspur)
H. Betmead (Grimsby Town)
W. Millership (Sheffield Wednesday)

English Internationals
R.J. Birkett (Middlesbrough)
S.Smith (Manchester City)
G. Hodgson (Liverpool)
R. Guerney (Sunderland)
E. Sagar (Everton)

Aston Villans'
H. Morton (Aston Villa)
D. Blair (Aston Villa)
D.J. Astley (Aston Villa) 

Great Goal-Getters
T. Bamford (Manchester United)
R. Finan (Blackpool)
R.S.L. Allen (Charlton Athletic)

Famous Left-Backs
C.E. Shaw (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
A. Feebury (Notts County)
H. Jacobson (Doncaster Rovers)
A.M. Keeping (Fulham)

Star Outside-Rights
I.M. Hopkins (Brentford)
S. Matthews (Stoke City)
A. Geldard (Everton) 

Wizards of Ball Control
E. Dodds (Sheffield United)
J. Hallows (Bradford City)
H. McMenemy (Newcastle United)
E. Matthews (Bury)

Superb Inside-Rights
J. Marshall (West Ham United) 
T. Walker (Hearts)
E. O'Callaghan (Leicester City)

They Cost Fortunes in Transfer Fees
J. Bruton (Blackburn Rovers)
J.P. Allen (Aston Villa)
E. Drake (Arsenal)

Tip-Top Outside-Lefts
J.W. Ruffell (West Ham United)
L.B. Fishlock (Southampton)
W. Evans (Tottenham Hotspur)
H. Hobbis (Charlton Athletic)

Mills (Aberdeen)
Anderson (Hearts)
MacFayden (Motherwell)

Renowned Right-Halves
C. Britton (Everton)
J.D. Gibson (Aston Villa)
A.H. Strange (Bradford Park Abenue)

Two Footballing Brothers
G.W. Milburn (Leeds United)
J. Milburn (Leeds United)

Fine Goalies
A. Tootill (Fulham)
D. Yuill (Millwall)

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